1529's Fundraiser

Hey all you central Indiana teams:
We, the Cybercards, are holding a Chick-Fil-A fundraiser on Thursday, May 15TH, from 4-8 p.m. on Southport Rd. We’d appreciate all the help we can get. We’ll have tickets there when you buy your meal , and they will donate 20% to us. This is one of the the last fundraisers we’ll be holding before the the end of the school year. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! Please pm me if you need directions or want to help in any other way. Thanks from the whole team!

Good Luck with your Fundraiser. We also planned to do the Chick-Fil-A program but lost focus somewhere.

It was our understanding, here in the Pittsburgh PA area, that the donation was 10% of the total sales in a 3 hour time frame when the patrons showed the invitation card.

If you can let us know how it went.

Best of Luck,

Team 1708

Hey everybody!
If you’re planning on attending our fundraiser on Thursday, please pm me so I can send you the voucher you need to present at the counter in order for your meal to count towards the fundraiser. It was too large to put into an attachment, so if you want one I can send you one. We’ll see you there!