1535 is ready to play!

At long last! We are (nearly) finished our robot! We just have a few minor things left such as: flagholder, bumpers. both are finished just not put on yet…

I don’t think it’s finished quite yet. I see neither bumpers nor a flag holder :ahh:

Also, no robot is ever finished…

Other than that, nice looking robot! I hope those casters keep behaving for you.

There’s an awful lot of slack in the wrist chain. You might want to take some of that out before it starts slipping.

Are you worried about <R16>? It looks like with bumpers, you could be very close to 80" when your arm is down low enough to pick up the ball.

What are you going to do with the ball now that you have it in your possession? Is the arm long enough that fully extended you can drop it over the Overpass?

The arm is almost at 80" but curls back into the body when lifting (well under 80"). When lifting, it sits about 3" over the rack before release - it can gravity roll or with pnuematics attached to a crossover belt system, will gently “shoot” the ball across the rack. With the claw in the “down” position, the wrist can dislodge the ball out from the rack during autonomous. Thanks for the comments.

Good looking bot the only thing I have to say it might wanna play with the chain on the wrist. Looks a little loose. Best of luck at Waterloo.

How will your bumpers attach to the robot? They can only be 2 and a half inches off the ground, and your 1535 shell seems to be in the way of putting on your bumpers? :yikes: Other than that, it looks pretty awesome. (Not as awesome as ours, though. :smiley: )

The Chain was an easy fix, it was most likely just put on prior to those pictures because todayy it was snug and beautiful… oh our bot looked so fabulous going into our crate today <3 makes my heart warm and fuzzzy :slight_smile:

hehe, the bumbers fit on perfectly too, there are holes through the sheet metal and wingnuts for the other side… it’s all just fabulous

is in love

You are in love with a robot? Hmm quite awkward. Weirdooo. Just kidding. Good looking robot.

you love the bot too… don’t deny it :stuck_out_tongue:

Muffinxo almost cried after we put Sir Jimmy into the crate…
We all have a special bond (“Bond? James Bond!” -Peter Griffin) with our robots… some are just more close than others…

nice looking bot guys!! see you in waterloo!!

:open_mouth: I didn’t cry…

well maybe a little… OMG… I LOVE JIMMY… I’LL CRY IF I WANT TOO

yeah… 1565 can’t wait to see you guys in Waterloo :slight_smile: