1551 Drivetrain 2013...

…is 8 lbs lighter, with better overall performance than last year. I’m lovin’ CnC plasma!



Octocanum with colsons and VEXPro Mecanums? Not bad. Have you put the mecanums under stress yet?

This is very cool looking setup. Maybe it’s just the new sizing restrictions but I think it would be very cool if you could have a double sided output shaft and have the small Colsons on the same side as the motor.

We haven’t put it under any real stress yet, but its easy to switch back to Andymark HDs if we feel the need.

This was a cool drivetrain to watch at FLR last year, it posed a formidable defensive threat on the field.
It’s nice to see you guys are sticking with it this year!

We’re hoping it translates into a great offensive threat this year. If we’ve done our game analysis right, defense is going to be big – and we want to be bigger!