1557 build season 2009

our 2009 build-season compilation video


I dont know where Jon got the music:P

no video of it with the lexan “wings” or auto-tracking :frowning:

although Zach’s pretty good with the manual aiming:D

we’ll see you guys at FL and the Championships

anyone want to guess how much it weighs?

or what we named it?

anyone have any comments or thoughts about the video?

Wow nice bot the accuracy is extremely good but the trailer will be moving unless you get it pinned. So are you going to tell us how much it weighs?

funny thing, the scale at the hospital only measures in whole pounds and it said 119 so we could actually be over…

we have the camera tracking the trailer btw…

If you are over that would suck. All in all that’s a pretty beasty bot

another funny thing: with the accuracy it has- it hits nearly the exact same spot everytime, which cause problems when a ball get stuck on one of the poles and they hit the ball and bounce off :rolleyes: