1557's gearboxes

we finished our semi custom gearboxes wich we made out of kop am’s all we did was change the gears around and remove some stuff

we ended up with a 1:3 (induction?) with two cims on each side we will achieve 23+ fps or more depending on the sprocket sizes and wheels we choose:)

Any pics? (I think the word you are looking for is reduction)

Induction is something that has nothing to do with gears. It is a property of coils of wire and refers to how much a particular coil resists a change in the flow of current in a circuit. It is measured in Henrys and is really quite interesting.

As for your gearbox I think I remember other teams using this as well to get high reductions but I can’t remember any numbers.

well i couldent think of any word for what it did

bbecause for every one turn of the motor the output shaft spins 3 times

I hope you mean for every one turn of the shaft, the motor spins 3 times… otherwise, your speed will be a little higher than 22 ft/s… like 220 ft/sec.

Now now, kids. Let’s back off a little.

Can we see some pictures of these gearboxes?

They probably are just using a single stage (14:50) of the AndyMark Gearboxes.

And Craig, why are you calling people kids, you’re a kid yourself.

It’s an expression that I use a lot when talking. I keep forgetting that text doesn’t convey tonal choice, or inflection at all. Oh, and body language.

Team 1726 did the same thing with our transmissions, and I believe a lot of other teams did the same thing, too. It’s simply a matter of flipping the aluminum (output side) plate of the Toughbox over, so that the output shaft can sit where the idler shaft used to be. The only modification that needs to be made is that the output plate needs two new clearance holes for the motor shafts so that they will fit (easily done with a drill).

I asked Andy Baker about it, and he said it wasn’t an intended modification. It sure was nice of him to make those gearboxes symmetrical, though!

Oh, and the new reduction when you do this is about 3.57:1, if I remember correctly. Attached is a crummy picture of our set up…

…if it could move at all. It will be unable to move on anything other than a downhill slope. :slight_smile:

I don’t know, I bet that if you over volted the CIM enough you could get it to move for a few seconds. You know… before the motors burned up. :slight_smile:

yeah i ment the shaft turns 1 for every three times the motor does… i was really tired from sailing.

oh and ill get the pictures thursday when we meet again.

ps. those pictures look nothing like our gearboxes