1565 Summary Video


Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch

Enjoy the Vid!

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(just read the first post and you’ll understand)

I think its cool! but thats just me lol :P:P:P

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that swearve and that am together is really cool i always wondered which team would be able to eliminate the flaw in that design of turning around

That guy on youtube sure doesn’t like your arm. If you could get his IP or location, it could probably be compared against CD records to find out who he is.

I liked the video, especially the climb up the rankings segment.

I’ve been impressed with this drive train since I watched the first video. With the new NI controller for next year, it shouldn’t be too hard to adapt your current drive to 2 linkages (opposite corners linked together) in order to get some crab action going. This would help you side-step an obstacle on the fly.

I’m definitely ready to see this again next year.

Oh we have plans for next year, we are trying to get a locking system working so we can go omni as well, and we are changing the code and adding sensors (as we have none on the bot right now:ahh: ) so it can side step things on the fly without me having to push buttons! (or the driver next year…:frowning: )