1565 Video "Twitch"

This is our 2008 bot “Twitch” with our new “linkage” drive system.


Any comments or questions are welcome.

p.s. the auto mode in the video is running at 25% power because we don’t have any space to drive it lol


so innovative.

can we have some pictures!? (like detailed ones)

Very nice, I look forward to competing with (or against) you guys in both Waterloo and GTR.

It was need to see some video of our… umm… learning experiance of a robot from last year.

And just to prove great minds think alike. Your bot is so similar to ours, its almost scary.

That is definitly one of the most impressive drive trains i have every seen!!! I congragulate you and your team!

thank you very much pictures should be up shortly (if not now) if you have any questions on how it works ask away, Hope to become quite the hit in the canadian regionals, as we were not a well know team for a while! (this is why we invented the drive system lol)

See you in 4 weeks!!

does anyone know how to change the title of the thread?? It would be nice to know, and I have seen people do it before lol

really REALLY awesome. top notch work guys. I love how when you switch directions, if you didnt slow down is still goes an extra foot or so, and it looks like you all mastered that power slide.

:ahh: :ahh: Very cool, I really hope you guys get to go to championships so I can see it up close

Is it just me or every single robot that is named “Twitch”](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/14962) is plain awesome? =)

Most impressive. Highly innovative. But I have a question, how much air do you use, do you think it’ll ever be a problem during a match?

at most it uses 30 psi per switch, and that is with the regulator set at 60psi (max) It can switch fairly easily with the regulator set at 30, so we have room to go down in case we need more switches than we thought, but through all the testing we did, I never once had to wait for the air to build up

How hard is it to double/triple twitch, such as what would be needed to dodge a hurdler and then another robot a few yds ahead? I’m curious about the linkage stress and air stress. I noticed in the video that the bot didn’t twitch as full speed.

It’s still an amazing drive train since it has many luxuries of both holonomic and skid drive combined. I’d love to see a Matlab simulation graph of your drive code; I’m sure the 3D map of the joystick inputs vs motor outputs would look pretty wicked.

it double/triple “twitchs” fine, the only reason we did not drive at full speed was because we were in the library and We had to be careful. any stress that is placed on the linkage is spread out throughout the frame of the robot, as the linkage floats between the two frames. And it can switch 4-5 times in a row (as fast as I can push the two buttons) before air runs out

honestly, the joystick outputs aren’t that impressive (i programmed it).
see my post in this thread :

GENIUS IDEA! I would have never thought of using two wheels to bring the ball in, AND hurdle it at the same time. My jaw dropped. Excellent work!

Really cool, but wouldn’t it be easily pushable with those 90 degree omnis? Are you worried at all about getting shoved out of the way as you make your turns?

no not really cause we can switch the wheels back so we no longer get pushed, that and pushing isn’t nice lol :smiley:

amazing… can’t wait to see it at Waterloo and GTR, i’m predicting an award for this maybe the xerox creativity award

Love it!

I love seeing teams who think outside the box like this… It’s wonderful!

Thanks!! We are hoping for an award!! any award would be sweet!

See you all in Waterloo and Toronto!