1583....Cocking Mechanism Explained

1583 has had a busy week. We not only have our new website up and running but have now started building our competition robot after making significant improvements in both our chassis and mechanism prototypes. So check out this weeks video posted on our own website. No more youtube for us…http://rambotics.com/video3.html

Nice, we used the same type of mechanism for pulling back our kicker.
I love how compact your robot is.

How do you plan on using your kicker? In the video it seems like you were just scoring with it. To me it seemed like you didn’t get enough lift to make it over a bump.

Hi Andy…Our robot is designed to primarily operate in the zone closest to the goal. The video shows only our protype proof-of-concept mechanism. We’ve since upgraded the motor/transmission to get more distance. We started fabrication of our competition robot yesterday and today installed the improved kicker on the chassis. We couldn’t resist and yes this afternoon we test kicked it. With only about half power we got 8 foot air kicks. At full power we’ll be able to kick into the goal from about anywhere in the zone. With this kicking distance we can also operate from the mid zone by kicking balls over the bump. Our goal is to be an agile robot capable of quickly possessing, aiming and kicking balls accurately.

Very cool guys. Sounds a lot like our idea. Good luck at the competition. :smiley: Hopefully that kind of strategy will do well for the both of us.

Chuck! I’m loving the new logo, please tell team will have swag with it, love the team like I do every year!

its such a small implementation, our rebuild of it still has around 10" of throw to it.

looking slick guys

Sarah…working on swag after robot is in box. It will definetly have new logo. C’ya at the school of mines for the scrimage a week from tomorrow.

Aren…That mechanism is exactly what we needed this year. After all we’re only kicking a 9 inch soccer ball not the 41 inch monster of 2007. Again thanks if we hadn’t seen your 2007 robot I doubt we’d have thought of it.