1584, lifting VIDEO

Im sorry if its not cool to make a new thread on the same thing, but I figured more people would notice it on a new thread in stead of tacking it on the other one. Also I put the video right into the post since I know that many schools block youtube and stuff like that (I know our school does).


please add 120lbs and repeat =D lol…

looks nice… really cant wait for the bot video…

and how do you guys plan on stopping backtracking?

Looks like it can do the job, have you tried lifiting an older bot? is there a mechanism at the end (the end where an alliance robot would come from) to stop the robot from falling down as you raise the lifting mechanism?

if you look in some of the other pictures, you can see a ratchet like mechanism that is designed to keep the lift from lowering after power is turned off,

ps. id love to see video of it lifting an older bot…or a a 120lb equivalent…

Me too. Maybe I am missing someting here but what keeps the liftee bot from tipping down the lifter bot. I mean, they will be the same weight right? Unless I’ve got something terribly wrong, simple static force equilibrium says you won’t be able to do that with a robot on there.

outriggers are in the works which will prevent tipping.

ALSO, although I dont have the video yet, we just tried lifting different amounts of weight and got up to 120lbs with no problems, it doesnt even slow down so i guess we did it right!