1591 Greece Gladiators 2023: 2 Chainz

See you at Finger Lakes & Greater Pittsburgh!


Best “Everybot” of the year. You’ll agree with me later.


Nice job! See you at both! I’ll be in the orange hat

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Nice work adding a ground intake to the everybot! Can’t wait to see y’all compete later this week!

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We’re so excited to hit the field tomorrow!

Check out our 2 piece & balance auto!


this is it chief




That machine is a monster. They took the Everybot concept, made it their own, and then owned the field.

Extremely impressive effort from an extremely impressive team. I hope they hit Einstein!


Congrats again on the win! We had a great time playing with you guys and can’t wait to see what y’all do at champs!

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Thanks so much for your kind words, Patrick. 1551 has supported us in many ways this year, helping us source out-of-stock parts in the weeks leading up to FLR and lending us tools at the event when our bumpers went through an unfortunate failure.

We also want to shout-out all the teams that lent us MAXSwerve wheels on Thursday while we waited for our order of 50 wheels to arrive Friday morning - you all really saved our butts!

Additionally we have to give thanks to the mighty 1511 for hosting Rally this year and supporting our team’s growth in so many ways over the years. Your team is a class act and so deserving of the Impact Award!

Finally we wanted to thank our alliance partners 3015, who graciously welcomed us into their practice space this year, machined many of 2-Chainz’s parts, developed PathPlanner which was instrumental in winning the Autonomous Award, and soooooo much more.

We couldn’t have had the weekend we did without any of the teams who helped us get here and for that we are so thankful.

On to Pittsburgh!


Great job and well deserved awards and victory- what your team did with the Everybot is a model of how well it can be implemented and provide opportunities for students to learn constant ideation in making it better. The cube/handoff from the ground you added was outstanding.

When I got a chance to talk to your team about the robot and program everyone was so friendly and wonderful to talk with. Great work!!!


Thanks again for everyone who helped us & supported us this weekend. We sincerely hope you’ll consider voting for us in the FRC Top 25 this week!


W Everybot