16 Falcon 500 8WD Compliant Wheel Drive Train

Add in the carpet, and you become an immovable object.

Step 1: Give your drivetrain a clutch
Step 2: Full power to the drive motors with the clutch disengaged
Step 3: Drop the clutch
Step 4: Wheelspin, tires melt into the carpet, no one can push you
Step 5: ???
Step 6: Blue banner


But then you have to calculate the CoF of the head ref’s red card against the player station glass in front of your station, and then the CoF of the LRI’s boot against someone’s backside* for allowing it to take the field in the first place.

*Figuratively speaking, of course.


I love how my joke thread has become a petition for AndyMark to release a new kind of wheel. This was intended as a funny joke, but now something serious has become of it.

I too will join the #HiCompliantGrip train, and would love to see these in all of the durometers compliant wheels released this fall…

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If FIRST would let you have a mid-match ‘Pit Stop’ it would most certainly be a GG.

what I don’t understand is why your wheels are so small
you’d better be overlapping some >9" compliant wheels if you really want to rank #1


Could you imagine if FRC was like FLL where you can switch out robot attachments and stuff if the robot returns to home base? That would be INSANE!!!


And the best teams would be the teams who can swap all of their wheels in less than 10s just like F1.

Breaking: FIRST specs the wheel guns like NASCAR does, makes them loaners at the field.

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This is simply too overpowered. The only way I see this happening is that if there are a mandated 6 screws on each wheel. And only 6 ppl can be in pits replacing the wheels.

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Too much power - Imgflip

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