16 vs 47?

I read in one of the threads a comment that a match between 16 & 47 would be “stellar”. If memory serves it seems to me that over the years there has not been a match between Chief Delphi and the Bomb Squad that has not been stellar. Every time that we have squared off it seems that the entire house stopped all other activities to watch - and I don’t think we disappointed. In “Ladder Logic” we seemed to be headed for a certain rematch in the finals at Nationals but both got our wings clipped along the way. (In Houston that year we met in the finals - we waxed them the first match, got waxed in the second match and then lost in the rubber match in one of those “takes five minutes to count, measure, recount” matches"). I can’t imagine a better match up than that one!!

But the one time we got the chance to play together (with floppies) we went in the tank together.

Strong friendly rivalries between worthy opponents are like a fight between brothers. It seems that fate has always had a way of pairing us with or against certain teams - Beatty, HOT, Truck, Heatwave, Wildstang, Huskies, and the boys from Kokomo to name a few. We have won some, lost some and enjoyed them all. The bad thing about a good reputation is what Duke University experienced last night - Everybody wants a shot.

Here’s looking forward more of the same this year!!

Good luck to all,


You summed it up pretty well, I have to agree with you. Looking forward to seeing the Bomb Squad in action. I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be a ball left on the floor! Goodluck to all.