1604 Harmony Hurricanes promo video

I finally was able to get the promo video I made for my team in April hosted. This video includes actual video of the UCF competition. I made this right before the Harmony Dark Sky Festival demo, and has been used in a speech to the school board and general recruitment of new members.

Many of you have already seen the 1604 video that was shown to the judges at the UCF competition that illustrated our story and the chairmans award. This is a different video, to see the other one, see this thread

You can see the new video Here
(Warning: 61.8 mb. May take a while to load)

Thanks to Spamrobotics.com and Sevaa.com for graciously hosting our video.

great video… nice job Barry…congrats again to 1604 on this past season… :slight_smile:

keep up the great work

good video, i like it.

Ah I’ve waited a long time for that one. I remember when the first video came out I was amazed at how powerful it was. This was a great video, much like the first one. Thumbs up! :smiley:

Is it just me or when they are announcing harmonies award is their a kid break dancing in the background? :smiley: I swear its not my imagination!

So I have finally watched the video- Its very cool. Great job.

And yes, during the award presentation, there is a kid dancing in the background.

Sorry everyone, but I had to remove it. The video was up for two days and overnight we had 95 hits for about 9.6 GB of bandwidth, that is like ten times our normal bandwidth used in a month, this was overnight! I had to remove the video since we don’t even pay for web hosting, thanks to Sevaa.com and I didn’t want to use too many of their resources. I didn’t expected maybe ten people to download, maybe 20, maybe even 50, but not 95!

Anyways, good job Barry.

Ha ha, Sorry S.P.A.M. for hogging all the bandwith. Thats awesome though. 95 more people got to see what we did at UCF that wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise. All in a matter of days. How cool is that?

When 1604 gets its own website I’ll have them put the video back on it and I’ll post here again to let everyone know. If anyone else would like to see it that missed it, IM me and I can send it to you.

You Rock Guys. Thanks again to Spamrobotics.com, Sevaa.com and Chiefdelphi for having a place to mass communicate to other people.

Hey how much band does your website have?

Barry is right I will have Clint put up the Video as soon as we get it up. One question though. How do we get our website name out there? Can i place links on my posts later on?

And without further adieu, 1604’s video is back for your viewing pleasure with bandwidth provided courtesy of FIRST Scouting Network.



umm, the video link doesnt work, either one