1619 Two Ball Autonomous

Over the last few weeks, Team 1619 has been hard at work designing a two-ball autonomous mode. I’m happy to say that we finally have it working, and would like to show it off to the world!


It took a lot of work, and we are proud of our progress so far. We’ll see you in St. Louis!

Amazing! Pure genius! Love the design.

That got me so good, I was hopeful for a moment.

Wow… That’s quite some programming you guys have there. See you guys at worlds!

I never knew you could stop so accurately.

Absolutely flawless, I think this method will be the future of FIRST.

The real question now becomes who can pull it off in a real match first: 1619 or 1678?

The way you get around the 1 boulder at a time rule is really innovative! I never thought about going UNDER the moat!

987 is looking to beat them to it this weekend at Vegas.

your link takes me to some Rick Astley video

Woooosh. Check today’s date.

All I saw was a bench grinder.

Am I the only one who didn’t click because they pretty much had the link memorized? #FIRSTproblems :stuck_out_tongue:

A moon rock watch, Life is Strange Ep 6, and now a two ball autonomous…

People need to stop pretending to give me things I want on April 1st. It’s just cruel. :frowning:

Hello everyone, I actually programmed most of this autonomous mode. If anyone from other teams have any questions for getting their 2-ball auto to work, I would be happy to help out on any programming.

I can’t wait to see an actual two ball top autonomous

What are you talking about? Didn’t you watch the video?

Seemed pretty real to me. I, too, enjoyed the creativity of going under the moat. I just don’t know how I never was told about this until now.

Very sorry about this. We were just so ecstatic that we had finally gotten it to work. You should come in and see it work in person some time!

Does that link work for anyone else’s iPhone? It keeps bringing me to Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” music video??? Lol.

You must have some amazing programmers on your team!

They’re never going to give up.

They’re never going to let you down.