1625 Prepares for 2010

Here’s a look into what 1625 has been doing.


Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

I couldn’t stop laughing when the crate was opened. Good luck in 2010, as if you’ll need it.

That is awesome! You nailed the likeness of JVN down to the hand gestures. Was that a KFC bucket on Pauls head?

YES! That was cool. Was the fourth person Karthik by any chance?


I believe from left to right, JVN, Karthik, Paul, Raul?.

That is correct.

Great job!

Lovin’ those IRI trophies 1625 :wink:

Best of luck in 2010. I have a feeling you’ll probably be on Einstein. Can’t wait to see what awesome machine you put out once again.


I particularily enjoyed the spongebob beginning.

Looky what I found in the mailbox today

Thanks for posting the picture!

I am so glad I spent the money for the HD camcorder. It’s really paying off.
By the way, you could have shot the video of my kids being slackers at our house, or in the basement, or on the floor of the BotShop… heck, pretty much anywhere!