1629 2 Hatch Autonomous Sandstorm Showcase


Great job 1629!

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Loved watching you guys at Owings Mills this weekend. Good luck the rest of the year!

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Love it! Are you working on any other patterns? We could do great things together at Dist Champs.

I think we have about 52 different combinations

Wow, that’s awesome!
May I ask, is the robot being driven or is it fully autonomous or do you have any driver-autonomous combination involved here?

Our robot is fully autonomous. While we only ran that one on the left and right side, we do have many different combinations, I initially thought we had 52 but I redid some math, and it is actually closer to 280 combination. We only ran that one this week because it is the fastest and most consistent, by next competition we plan on having many more that are fast along with consistent. In the drawing below it shows are possible paths, green is from start to the first item scored, red is back to the human player station, and yellow is to the second scoring location. We also now have features that allow the robot to autonomously load and put hatches on the rocket ship during the driver control period.


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