166 and Zip Ties!

I don’t have a picture of Merrimack 166’s robot but i must say that the couple hundred zip ties we used were spectacular in holding our robot togther! See you all at regionals!

Ray!!! You’re not supposed to tell them all about Zippy the red-tongued Patriot!!!

58 has the zip tie thing down…as well as the drill holes for weight, swiss cheese, I think so.

There is a pic of my robot in the gallery! Check it out, its not the “latest revision” but you’ll get the general idea, but for now, here is some info to wet your tongues with!!!

Robot Specs:
*drill motor powered Roller System to pick up balls
*System of ramps to hold around 20 balls in an organized fashion, complete with divertor to sort them at bottom
*Pushes balls from robot into goal with the same roller system it uses to pick them up and a metallic tongue which sticks into the goal to make it easier to score balls.
*Two speed Transmission, with the choice of 2 fps for toting goals or 8.75 fps for racing to grab balls or across the feild, uses chiapets and a globe to shift
*Two goal grabbers to grab onto goals on the front and back of robot, locking clamps powered by seat motors(or was it drill, remebering isn’t my strong point…)
*2 skyway pneumatic tuff wheels, awesome traction!
*4 ball bearing castors keep robot steady

Any questions? Feel free to ask, also i have more detailed pics of certain parts, ask and thee shall receive, when I get my film back :slight_smile:

PS. Ray I was just kidding, I guess that is what happens when you get home at quarter of 7 :wink:

They’re nails, screws, tacks, locks…step aside duct tape…we’ve got zippy ties!!!

My team’s robot is, right now, held to the inside of our crate with zip-ties. It took 10 engneers in a HUGE manufacturing machine shop to figure out how to ship our robot. Lets just say it isn’t going to move, and there are enough ‘Fragile’ and ‘Do not stack’ stickers on it to start a collection.


So why isn’t our ship photo up here yet???

our beautifully zippy robot :slight_smile:

MMMM staying up till 6 am in the morning…

edit below


<stupid song> zippity robot…zippity yay, my oh my what a wonderful day. plenty of drivetrain, headed my way, zippity robot, zippity yay!! </stupid song>

goodness, haven’t you ever heard “zippity dooh dah” ? :wink:

How many holes could you have saved if you didn’t use so many zip ties?

well, we just zip ties in places inside the structure, for ball storage, and sense it was a mesh alimun the holes where there, and zip ties much much lighter then hardware.

scott, if you remember we also used the zip ties for holding in wiring and hardware. Mmmmm, Zip ties…


Finally I got unbusy enough to post a picture for your enjoyment!

Very nice looking machine.

A lot of time went into those lightening holes I am sure.

The picture is really beautiful. Did you have it professionally done?

Finally, how do the balls get in the goal? I know you said something about a tongue and using the same system that picks the balls up, but now that the picture is out, perhaps you will be more descriptive?

Joe J.

As you can tell our balls get picked up at the bottom by the rollers and are carried up the roller system then back down the “maze” to the bottom, when the balls reach the bottom they roll down to the side of the roller system where you will notice there is a single lonely roller sitting on the side, this roller is run seperately from the rest so you can turn it on when you need to. when turned on it takes the balls from the “maze” and brings them back up the same roller shoot. Now we get into the part where the imagination needs to take over… At the top of the roller system we have built a simple diverter, run by a servo the simple gives the ball a track on which to lean that forces the ball to go into the maze or out the other direction towards the goal. If you force the balls to go out towards the goal there is a “tongue” of sorts that we have but on the robot, it sits about one and a half rollers down I think and when we sit against a goal it seperates the two closest pipes and allows the balls an easier way into the goal, when the ball comes out of the roller system it falls onto the tongue and rolls into the goal! the tongue is simply constructed out of a thin piece of aluminum we have bent into a u-shape and a piece of preforated aluminum which covers the whole inside the u-shape.

PS. Sorry about how long this is… I’ll try to dig out some more recent pictures but my pictures from the last three days came out badly… Also, yes this is a professionally done picture… our robot had its own little “photo shoot” so it could go in the companies news letters and stuff i guess? All I have to say is the robots pictures came out so much better then my senior pictures!!!

this photo was done professionally too! by the mall staff