1671 Presents Doc IX: MvP

6x 4” wheel drive
Center wheel dropped 1/16”
2-Speed WCP Transmissions. 12.9:1 & 4.8:1
CAN controlled Jaguars

Over the bumper with ground and human player accesibility
2” wide polyurethane orange belts powered by Mini CIMs 1.375:1 with talon speed controllers
Custom UHMW scoop
Capable of picking stacked disks. (see video)
3/8” OD bottom roller, all others 1” OD
Winch lift mechanism powered by PG-71
10 turn POT to control position with hard and soft limits, PID position control

Max Compacity: 4 discs
1x 8” pneumatic wheel with 1:1 CIM powering it
Pneumatic air cylinder loads discs to air cylinder
Angles with similar intake winch mechanism powered by PG-71
10 turn POT for winch mechanism with hard and soft limits, controlled by vision tracking and controller presets. PID position control.
PID controlled wheel speed

Quick 10-point pneumatic hang
2” bore, 4” stroke air cylinder
1/4" steel support brackets

Special shout out to our sponsor, CMEC, for the beautiful white powder coat.

Doc IX: MvP Trailer

The Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake, Fail Edition

See you at CVR and SAC Regionals!

Looks amazing! Yet another beautiful machine from the Bird Brains.

Small question about your drivetrain - Why do you lower your center wheel 1/16" instead of 1/8"?

Can’t wait to see you guys at Sacramento.

That’s a really neat intake. That intake idea has been floating around in our team for possible design iterations in lieu of our current intake system. Glad to see a team implementing it so effectively. The robot definitely looks beautiful, especially with the white (anodized or power coated?) metal.

Thank you!

The 1/16" was chose due to the smaller perimeter and distance between the wheels. We went with a 28x26" base, 28 being the side with the wheels.

We also had to move our transmissions to the back of the robot to allow our shooter to sit low and stay under 30" to be able to drive under the tower.

Last year they dropped the wheel an 1/8 of an inch and being in a wide configuration it caused a lot of instability in the drive (wobble on the center).

This year since the size restrictions had changed and the bots are going to be smaller than in previous years, the decided to do a 1/16 of an inch drop so that there is essentially no wobble on the base. Especially with a wedge they wanted the bot to be as stable as possible because the wedge needs to be perfectly on the ground.

All in all the 1/16 of an inch drop has worked extremely well this season it is able to drive with no noticeable wobble in the base, and we are able to pick up disks very effectively.

Thanks, we struggled with getting the discs off the ground at first but made some adjustments with the rollers and the “scoop” to help solve those issues. We were excited to see all of the discs on the ground during the week 0 events. And to clarify, it’s a powder coat!

Looks like all the Sac bots are releasing their reveal videos today. From the moment I saw it, I recognized it as a 1671 bot because of the white powder coat and those 1" spaced holes.

I really love the pickup, it looks like you’ve found a really elegant way to pick frisbees up. I’m not sure of the value of picking up stacked frisbees, but it’s a cool functionality. The shooter also seems to be really well done.

Any more info on the 10pt climb? I couldn’t quite see how it was implemented from the video.

Well the main advantage of picking up stacked frisbees is that on the field if that does occur we won’t have to spend time un-stacking them.

Also an advantage is the human player can load 2 disks at a time instead of just one. This halves our intake time, we can be fed from the hp in under 2 seconds if he is prepared.

The hanger is just a pneumatic piston that rises up and then we have a plate above the pyramid bar and pulls us up.


What a beautiful robot. I’m always impressed by the appearance of your robots first off, and then to see it pick up and shoot so nicely and knowing there’s a hanging mechanism too, well let’s just say I’m highly excited to be competing against the bird brains :smiley:

Thanks! Can’t wait to compete with 701 as well.