1675 Game Analysis and Strategic Design

With 2017 Kickoff just a few days away, we would like to share our presentation that we gave at the Wisconsin Rookie Workshop recently about game analysis and strategic design. While there certainly is no right or wrong way to go about anlyzing the game, this presentation outlines our process for breaking down robot tasks, robot requirements for those tasks, and essentially creating robot archetypes which we then use to inform our design process. This also goes into how we approach strategy at the competitions.

Check it out, use it, adapt it, ignore it…whatever you like. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer.


I like it a lot. It’s a great summation of lessons learned about strategy as a whole, many of which our team has learned the hard way. Thanks for making this public!

This is a great overview, I will be sharing this with several people!

This is great. I just cross referenced it with our own kick-off guide, and it matches really well, even has some points we’ve overlooked.

I especially love the “Robot Archetypes” and “Classic Matches” slides. We always go through these, but we’ve never categorized them like you have. I also love you you extend the design guide into the competition season, as other strategies are revealed.

You might consider adding a brief slide on how to build a weighted decision matrix under “picking a concept”.


We didn’t include anything about a weighted matrix simply because we don’t use one anymore. We used to use a matrix several years ago but most years we went against the result of the matrix and built something else. Granted, those were not our best years, from a performance viewpoint…

Wunderbar! I plan to draw heavily on this for my strategy presentation tomorrow.

Great Presentation!! 291 will definitely use this on kickoff! We’ve made some critical bad decisions the past few years regarding initial strategy. Your strategy suggestions will be especially useful to us.

Thanks! :smiley:

Great. Now I have to re-work my WHOLE strategy presentation to integrate all your great stuff. Thanks. :mad:

But seriously, this is excellent. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing, Kevin! Lots of useful info, and a good presentation of some key strategy and design principles that are often overlooked (by rookies and veterans alike).

Refining our approach to build week 1 decision-making is one of our off-season projects, and I think the presentation originally shared in this thread could be a great resource to review.

However, the link seems to be broken. Would the OP or anyone else who downloaded it possibly be able to share it again?

Also, if anyone else has presentations of best practices or high-quality example deliverables in the area of game/scoring analysis that you’d be willing to share, much appreciated.


Here’s a link to the presentation, it has a couple differences than the one initially posted where we go over what happened to us in 2017.