1675 The Ultimate Protection Squad Present: Mantis

Team 1675 is proud to present our creation for 2020, MANTIS.

Mantis is a low goal specialist with an everybot-inspired intake/arm, and a spring-extended, winch climber.


— 6 wheel west coast drive powered by 4 Rev Robotics NEOs
— WCProducts 3 CIM Single-Speed Gearboxes geared for ~18FPS free speed 14FPS loaded
— 4 AndyMark Hi-Grip Wheels (Back and Center), 2 6" VexPro Omnis


— Upgraded Everybot Intake
— ~27.5 inch wide effective intake width allows allows 3 balls to be stored side-by-side to unload quickly into the low goal
— 3 Powered Rollers with a total of 39 AndyMark Stealth Wheels
— Rollers powered off a custom gearbox built into the side-panel of the arm to turn each roller the correct direction for intaking and output power cells using only a single motor
— Powered by BAG Motor through a 10:1 VersaPlanetary Gearbox


— Driven by 2 WCProducts SS Rotational Gearbox each powered with 1 NEO
— Additional 16:72 external chain reduction for a total of 112.5:1 total reduction
— 3 defined positions for ground pickup, human player loading, and scoring controlled utilizing Rev Robotics Though-Bore encoders in absolute mode
— Optional custom friction brakes inspired by 971 and 2102 (currently not installed/needed)


— Greyt inspired 4-stage elevator to reach a height of 72"
— Fully passive extension using 3 sets of constant force springs with ~64 lbs of total force
— Torsion spring controllled hook release, retrained by climber geometry
— Total extension time of <1 second
— Dual pneumatic release to allow dog-shifter to disengage under no load, as well as provide redundancy to prevent unintended activations
— Winch powered by 2 NEOs through a WCProducts 2-CIM Dog Shifting gearbox, with no high-speed gearing to provide a neutral shifting position
— 3/8" ratcheting box wrench built into gearbox to prevent backdrive

Color Wheel Manipulator (Future addition)

— 3 AndyMark Compliant Wheels powered by BAG motor through 25:1 VersaPlanetary gearbox
— Extended to height using 2 3/4"bore 6" stroke pneumatic cylinders
— Custom slides using 1/16" delrin strips to provide bearing surface

Though we’re a little late for the #openalliance, we’ve still made our CAD publicly accessible in onshape. Feel free to reach out with any questions

1675 - Mantis

Mantis will be competing at the Midwest and Wisconsin regionals.


Dang, I wouldn’t stand overlooking that one from above. That is a fast deployment!


Super cool- and can’t wait to watch this robot all weekend.

What benefit or reason is behind powering 3 rollers? My only guess is to make sure all low goal shots go in ASAP?

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Good luck at Midwest UPS!!!

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Where I come from, to be the mantis you gotta beat the mantis.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to get off I-65 at Lafayette, jaunt over to Kokomo, and shoot your shot on the way to IRI (yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about your chances of getting in).

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We like having both top and bottom rollers moving to give a little more ball security. The back roller helps output just slightly quicker, but also lets us mount the motor further back and is used as the power transmission to the custom gearbox.

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Our robots look very similar, except we went tall and single stage elevator. The way you went about mounting all your systems is almost identical.

Good luck this weekend

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