1678 2019 Teaser - Level 3 Buddy Climb


Hello Teams,

1678 is proud to present a part of what we’ve prepared for the 2019 season.




lol nice






“video unavailable”

oh wait thats the joke isn’t it.


It works just fine for me.


I too get ‘Video Unavailable’




Dead Link?


I like this new imagery. instead of using a flag to wave before matches you should have a black cloth that says ‘flag unavailable’


Oh well, guess I’ll just wait and see if its working when I wake up.


One sec y’all. Every year we have new kids doing this video. New teaser should be up soon.


Just be patient and picture a loading icon from the early days of the internet.


That’s hot


New video is on its way!


Forgot to censor the corner of your intake again? :wink:

Edit: you missed a frame in that first one.


Is it just me or is it still broken?


1678: Good at robots, bad at uploading videos to YouTube.


Glad to see some team is just crazy enough to try this.

(since video is down currently - it’s a triple level 3 climb, where partners drive onto platforms, 1678 lifts everyone up, then drives forward onto level 3)


There was an oopsie.