1678 2019 Teaser - Level 3 Buddy Climb


New link!


I’m a little surprised it took 3 attempts given your robots always work first try


I’m curious how they would climb if only one partner can climb on, I know there were a few teams last year that needed both partners, but I would expect 1678 to have a plan for that


Love the fact that partners get on on level 1. Looks extremely smooth! Great job as always.


I am not hearing what I was expecting to hear in the audio, this has me a little perplexed, I cant wait for a juicy picture of the mechanism at some later date.

Yeah, I am wondering this as well, there is not as much to hang onto this year to counteract a severely offset center of mass. But this could only be a problem at high levels of play.

Also at the ~9sec mark I see some omni wheels drop down underneath the poof’s picture, wonder what that is about… (best to watch in full screen) :smiling_imp:


I think it’s a minor issue, if both arent going to make it, just go up alone and have the other two robots park. That climb looks amazing.


Awesome, does it works with one robot?




Another incredible citrus teaser! I can’t wait to see the rest of it. Congrats 1678!


Hard to come up with an Auto mode reveal for this year…


you mean you don’t have a 4 hatch Auto?


Hm. Interesting.


ok, nice flex


This doesn’t make me feel bad about my robot at all…


good game






Auto follower wheels coming back into contact with the ground after the 2nd drivetrain is lifted back into the chassis.

  1. Point. Endgame.

That’s an entire rocket, plus 3 cycles. In all levels of play a mechanism like this will be completely game-breakingly powerful. Even with a single level 3 climb and two level 2 climbs, 12 points is still anywhere from 15-20 seconds of cargo/hatch cycles.

Congrats on keeping the Einstein streak for 2019!


Yeah, I was suspecting that functionality, I am just not sure why they would be omnis. However I could also be wrong and they are not omnis.

We had a near identical reaction as a community with 148 in 2015, however I wouldn’t go as far to peg a 1678 Einstein appearance as a bold prediction, just a well educated guess. :roll_eyes: :slight_smile: (or 148 on Einstein for that matter, but this at face value seems equally “game-breaking” as a concept.)