1678 2019 Teaser - Level 3 Buddy Climb


Yeah, since my team honestly isn’t that good I think that 1678’s endgame may earn more points than us a whole entire match.
I can’t wait to see the reveal!


Inspiring, motivating and jealousy-inducing as usual. Well done citrus.


I was wondering what we should do with the remaining 25 pounds of robot we can add. :thinking:


When you’re robot gets leaked because you didn’t cover one frame if you’re teaser.


Curse you, I went frame by frame through the teaser because of your comment. :confused:

(protip: you can use the comma and period keys in a paused youtube video to step 1 frame at a time backwards and forwards respectively)


I would post the photo but I wanna keep it private for 1678.


Don’t post it, just work on scraping your jaw off the floor in a timely fashion :joy:


Awesome work guys!


Saw the leaked frame from yesterday. Very curious to see how the entire system works, and cant wait to see the rest of the robot!


So they said about 254 in 2015…




Auto from the drive team’s perspective?


Don’t forget though, you have to rely one or two team’sdrivingskills… To be fair though, those were pretty early season examples, and 1678 was nearly perfect the rest of the season. So if anyone can do it, they probably can.


See also 177’s spirit flag.


can confirm, can’t rely on teams driving skills late in the season either


Cool mechanism, I enjoyed some of the CSI work done on other forums. Can’t wait to see it work in a competition!


Another robot going to Einstein.


Dang, I can only dream of the day we would be capable of building a robot like this.


Once again you guys have set the bar. The arms race begins to top that!


If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.

The race begins to get on top of that.