1678 Citrus Circuits 2017 CAD Release

Team 1678 is proud to release the CAD for their 2017 Robot, Pomelo Pummeler! This robot won the Central Valley, Sacramento, and Las Vegas Regionals in addition to becoming Newton Sub-Division Champions and FRC Championship Finalists at the Houston World Championships. Pomelo Pummeler is expected to compete at Chezy Champs, Capital City Classic, and Madtown Throwdown in the coming 2017 off-season.


A model file (STEP) along with selected renderings are available in our GrabCAD library in addition to on our website under “Resources”.

Feel free to email [email protected] or [email protected] with any technical robot or general team questions.

Congrats to 1678 on yet another amazing season!! Your team and robots are always an inspiration. I’m really excited to look through your CAD, thanks for sharing it!

Congrats on your impressive season and robot! I’ll definitely be looking through this for inspiration.

How did using undermounted electronics work out for you? Did they make maintenance hard?

I can’t speak for them, but our team did the under mounted electronics. Honestly as long as we don’t have to traverse over any obstacles like Stronghold or Rebound Rumble, We will more than likely put the electronics on the bottom again. No more having mechanisms in the way or tight situations. Just flip the robot up. Plus if you’re into the cool factor, when you climb the lights look cool :cool:

This is correct. It worked great for us this year. The only thing to really be careful of is to check underneath the drivetrain after every match and vacuum up anything that could have gotten in the electronics. Other than that, maintenance was easy. It saves a lot of space, especially if the top side of your bellypan is needed for ball storage, like this year.

This is really great, thanks for releasing it. I was looking for a shooter design summer project for the team and this will be enormously helpful as a test case/example.

Congrats on all of your accomplishments!

Cool stuff!

Amazing CAD, im very inspired some design choices you guys made, I would love to be able to explore individual parts to gain some more knowldege, is there any chance 1678 will release the Solidworks files aswell?

Unfortunately, we generally only release the CAD as a STEP file because it’s easier to access and too complicated to release all the part files. Sorry about that.

That’s too bad. Not even a pack-and-go to a zip file? The 300 MB step file crashes my copy of Solidworks every time it tries to convert.

Pack and go should do the trick as far as I know.

Sorry about this. I have the same issue with my computer. However, we’ll have to stick with the STEP file in this case, just with our standard. Perhaps if I remove the large electronics and replace them with mock ups it will make the file smaller and easier to download :slight_smile:

Awesome resource. Thanks for posting!

The problem isn’t really the downloading of the file - sure 300mb is big but not a problem for most internet connections. It’s the fact the model is so complex that it’s crashing people’s computers just attempting to open the STEP and interpret it.

Removing components with complex geometry that aren’t really needed for comprehending the model (like electronics) would help, but as stated a Pack & Go from Solidworks would be preferable. But, if you have a standard to stick to I get it.

During the season, the students use “mockup” models of COTS electronics to reduce model size and system resource draw.

For the renders, our students replaced the mockup models with the actual COTS CAD files. Unfortunately, the COTS files never got swapped back to the mockups before uploading. I’m sure that accounts for a large chunk of the 300mb figure. That 300mb then all has to be opened in one .step, which is no easy task for most workstations.

Maya and the rest of the CAD students will update the model and re-post. Sorry for the hassle, and thank you everyone for the kind words. I’m very proud of what the students put together this year.



Ah, got it. Thanks in advance for switching them back.

Like I said earlier, awesome work and I can’t wait to take an in-depth look!

Dope! Thank you and your students!

I found that if you don’t touch the laptop for an hour or so and pray to Dean Kamen, it at least has a chance of working. :smiley: :smiley:

Just to add some infos, I am also seeing a similar crash, though the opening process isn’t taxing my system very much. It’s only hitting around 40% CPU and 25% RAM, it just looks like it freezes during the first pass and then crashes.