1678 Citrus Circuits 2023 CAD and Code Release

The kids have cleaned up the CAD and Code for our 2023 Robot, the Tangerine Tumbler.

Feel free to post any questions here and our team is happy to answer as best we can.




Did you not do an Alpha and Beta robot this year?


Were there any elevator cable tensioning issues with the elevator spool being spaced off from the pulleys?

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What is your favorite bolt on the robot?




Super awesome robot! I noticed on your end effector the side plates are only 1/8th thick, did that cause any problems for you? Also, I am wondering what material you made the inserts for the ends of the rollers out of. I also noticed you have your battery connector on the robot side firmly attached, how has this been for your pit crew vs having it just attached to the breaker and the PDH?

Love the robot, especially the custom elevator, and congrats on the 9 years Einstein streak.

  1. How did you guys mount the carbon fiber tube for the forklift? Is it a tight-fit insert with bolts screwed next to it to clamp down the CF tube?

  2. What materials are the elevator pivot round shaft, the cable spool, and the pulley insert block for the spool printed out of?

  3. Did the robot have CoG issues during build? If yes, what was the solution to the issue?

Thank you !!!


Can you explain your dead axle setup for the intake rollers? As far as I understand, you used square nuts to connect the rollers to the printed pulleys. On your BtB video, I am seeing regular bolts that go into the side plates. Were these bolts going into a bearing then got connected to a long spacer that went left to right? If there was a spacer as I assumed, what was your order of assembly, and how did you prevent friction between the spacer and the printed parts? If my assumptions were all wrong, how did you fasten the intake rollers to your side plates? Great bot all around as always!


Were there pictures taken of the broken intakes during champs?

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It’s crazy when Citrus can score more game pieces (8) with a broken intake than most of the teams in your state (Indiana) can fully functional.

Galileo Finals 2


Like seriously. What’s going on in the drive team’s heads?

Broken intake, big deal!

There was 0 hesitation to move from point of contact to substation.


What made you guys use an elevator design for your arm? Why not something like a telescoping arm/folding arm?


I love the method of using the MAC address to determine what robot the code is running on!


Here is my explanation of the carbon fiber tubes.

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As of 2023, you can get the roboRIO serial number, which would allow something similar with a lot less code.


How were you guys terminating the rope on the spool? Just tie and epoxy or a thru-hole through the spool itself?

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I haven’t inspected the CAD myself but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same deadaxle method that we did last year and BJC talked about here.


Other than your needed assembly order, I am a big fan of it. Nice solution.

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You assemble the printed pulley with the deadaxle spacer shaft and bearings onto the polycarb sideplate with screw+locknut. Do the same with a hub on the other side. Bend the polycarb plates apart and slip the tube over the pulley and hub. The flexibility of the polycarb plate is what enables assembling them and swapping rollers without needing to unmount the plates themselves.


For the elevator, we had small spacers on the spool that we bolted on to tie a bowline knot to. We also drilled a hole in the shaft on the inner stage and tied a clove-hitch knot (the specific knot might have changed later on) through it. As the season progressed and the rope would stretch, we would periodically have to untie, pull the slack, and retie the knots.

Hope that answers your question!