1678 Fall Workshops


Team 1678, from Davis, California, is planning on hosting a day of workshops in the fall of 2014. We are wondering how many teams would be interested in attending and what they would like to see. We are planning on recording the workshops and making them available on youtube. Our preliminary list of workshops is as follows:

Morning Workshops:
-Intro to electrical/ electrical systems
-Intro to robot programming
-Intro to mechanical tools and hardware/ assembly
-Intro to strategy in gameplay and design/ game analysis

Afternoon Workshops:
-Electrical failure analysis/ mathematical electronics
-Effective autonomous and control loops
-Machining safely and effectively
-Managing a team/ building and maintaining partnerships

(Please reply with any suggestions)

CAD classes are always helpful to teams. Also an application of CAD for those who already know it is an “intelligent design workshop” - generally a bunch of smart design tips and notes that many new designers may not normally know (when to use what piece/material, the limits of specific designs, etc). I run a similar workshop with my team in the fall, where after half a day of teaching about design, I give them a game I make up and tell them to CAD a robot to play the game. In 2 weeks the designs are due, and I email out an analysis of each design. It really helps the kids learn and understand as well as try out new ideas.

I can personally say that a couple people from 2085 will definitely be there! We loved the workshop that Michael did at Vanden this year. I took a lot of it into consideration when it came to strategy and game analysis. We will always build rolly grabbers :)!

You should try to have something on Chairman’s there. I’d be willing to Skype in if that’s of interest, but I’d imagine you have some teams around cough 1538 254 cough that are pretty awesome in that department.

Would electronics cover the new roboRio? There might be a big issue integrating and understanding it for some teams, especially the benefits and drawbacks to using CAN interface.

Electronics will definitely cover the RoboRio, thank you for the advice. I will check into those other suggestions. Also, it will be great to see 2085 there, we will be releasing the date early next school year (if not earlier)

Quick update, looks like it will be in October and will not interfere with any norcal offseasons

668 would be interested.

I’d reallyy love to see a workshop from you guys on maximizing resources. You guys come up with some amazing solutions to different problems, many of which are extremely resourceful and (at least ostensibly) simple.

Yes, 3250 would be very interested.

Team 2073 would love to attend.

check with Tom Milnes at JHU APL, who runs something similar in central Maryland