1678 robot cart

Can we get the cad of the beast of a robot cart that 1678 has. The water bottle holders makes it the best cart ever.

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Why not just email them?


Damn. I’m stupid

I dont understand why you need CAD. It’s a pretty standard good robot cart with waterbottle holders that you can buy from amazon screwed into it, not a complex intake where you need precise measurements down to the thousandth of an inch to make it work.


That’s the old one. And also the water bottle holder was custom and holds a specific bottle.
The new one is actually a copy of 1323’s cart.

The new one is so cool. We finally got our CNC hooked up and we are gonna try to make a cart. So yeah that’s why I asked

I just picked up 4 of these for our extruded-aluminium-profile cart

for 3 dollars I can’t make anything that good.
EDIT: They were on sale last week for 3 dollars, I must have gotten the last set. Not quite the same value at $10

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Sorry for the delayed response, better late then never I guess!

Here’s the link to our robot cart CAD: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/74412fc82decefad7d8d9645/w/1329657dcacebc44005717e0/e/cb280d421ea71269c4d04d1d

Nathan McAllister
1678 Design Lead


Hey we’re interested in building our own version of your cart, but had some questions:

What is the bottom plate made out of?

Did y’all weld the tube handle on?

What are the fork looking things for and are those plastic or metal?


The bottom plate is made out of plywood.

That is correct, the handle is welded on.

The forks are for holding drive team water bottles, and we made the part out of 6061 aluminum.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and good luck with your robot cart!

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Amazing CAD organization!

Can you explain your naming conventions and how part numbers are generated?

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