1678 Rules test 2021

Team 1678 is excited to share our 2021 INFINITE RECHARGE At Home rules test! Created by a select team of students immediately after receiving and reading the game manual, all 1678 students must pass the rules test with a greater than 90% score before being able to join our group discussion on designs and procedures this year. This test covers only Section 2 of the At Home Challenges Manual, which describes the five new Skills Challenges and scoring.

Although students cannot have the game manual up while taking the rules test, they are allowed to retake the test as many times as necessary, and are free to reread sections of the game manual in between attempts. This year’s test is entirely multiple choice or selection in order to enable automatic grading so students don’t have to wait on test creators for feedback.

Once you have provided your information via this Google form, you will receive a link to a folder containing the rules test. Before using it, please copy the template form to your own Google Drive (labeled COPY THIS) so other teams can use the template as well. Feel free to read through our questions and take inspiration from them, or simply use the rules test for your team.

Feel free to PM me if you have any feedback or questions, and I hope everyone has a great season and stays safe!


This is a good rules test!

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