1678 Storm Surge CADathon

Hello everyone!

Team 1678 Citrus Circuits is excited to announce that we are partnering with First Updates Now to host a CADathon using the Game Design Challenge-winning game Storm Surge! The event will start at 6 p.m. on Friday, September 24, and end at 9 p.m. Sunday, October 3rd (Note that all times listed in this post are in EST). DO NOT START until the start date! Crucial judging criteria that will fundamentally determine the design of your robot will not be released before then.

The Storm Surge CADathon is sponsored by West Coast Products. They will be providing prizes for the top 3 winners!

The live show will feature a panel of judges from Team 1678. Follow First Updates Now (FUN) on Twitch to make sure you don’t miss any live streams.


A CADathon is similar to a Hackathon but involves designing robots online (CAD-ing robots). Participants are given a short period of time to CAD a robot and a panel of judges selects a winner based on predetermined judging criteria. For more information on how CADathons typically look, see F4 CADathons.

Team information:

  1. The duration of the CADathon is nine (9) days (Friday to Sunday).
  2. There will be no limit to CADathon team size IF everyone on the CADathon team is a member of the same FIRST (FRC, etc.) team.
  3. For CADathon teams with members of different FIRST teams, we will keep the usual rule of “up to 3 members” (this is to prevent the 10 best CADathon participants from 10 different teams from teaming up and creating an unfair competition).
  4. If you are competing solo, but would like to be assigned up to 2 random partners, you can sign up as a “random” in the signup form and we will do our best to match you with a partner that uses the same software and is in a similar time zone.

Submission requirements:

  • An exported STEP or Parasolid file, or Onshape link, native CAD files, and any renders they choose to create to a grabCAD workbench.
  • A Written Submission to explain their design to the judging panel.
  • All files and Written Submission must be submitted by October 3rd at 9 p.m. EST. Note that all files will be inspected to ensure adherence to game rules.

Judging Process:

All submissions will be split into groups and each judge will judge a portion of the submissions. Each judge will then submit their top five (5) or so teams, and the other judges will go back and judge those entries. This way the top teams will have feedback from all of the judges, and all teams will have detailed feedback from at least one (1) judge.


The only prerequisites to join are that you are willing to spend time designing and that you have access to CAD software. Participants of all ages are welcome (this is not limited to students) and we encourage everyone from rookies to the most advanced CADers to put their skills to the test. If you are new to CAD and would like to be on a larger team to help yourself learn, please contact us using the discord below.


The deadline for registration is September 24th at 12 p.m. EST. Late registration is allowed, but please sign up as soon as possible.

Regardless of the type of team you are (solo, 3-person, FIRST team, etc.), only ONE (1) member of each team should complete [the registration form].(https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OMC4c4OvnrqWueWa9W_XV37CM_0LCkn0WRhtXG_e9tM/edit?usp=sharing).


Be sure to join our Discord server to stay up to date with Q&A and interact with other CADathon participants! If you have any questions, contact us in the Discord server or at strategy@citruscircuits.org.

We can’t wait to start the CADathon!


Storm Surge was one my favourite Game Design Challenge entries; looking forward to seeing what kind of robots everyone comes up with at this CADathon!


The 1678 Storm Surge CADathon is starting tomorrow. Teams can join up at anytime and you have two weekends but sign up ASAP if you are interested to get all the updates!

In addition to prizes from West Coast Products. Anyone who participates will be randomly selected to win some other prizes including Discord stickers, FUN t-shirts and other merch to be announced!


Presenting the 1678 CADathon: Storm Surge! All judging criteria and relevant resources can be viewed below:

You can find the 2021 game manual here

See all of the event documents in this folder

Download the field CAD (STEP)

View the field CAD (Onshape)

And you can view pending and answered questions here

For any formal rule clarifications, etc. Please ask them via the Q&A form (the form will be closed for the first 30 minutes, READ THE MANUAL)

NOTE: You can use any parts from public parts libraries.

A reminder that CAD files, renders, and Written Submission forms are due at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, October 3rd. Good Luck, teams! We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!


Get hyped for the Storm Surge CADathon show on October 13 8:30 p.m. EST! The show will be live on the Twitch to announce all awards.

All Storm Surge CADathon teams: submissions are due at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, October 3rd! If you’ve yet to register and would like to do so, 1678 Storm Surge CADathon - #5 by asahmoud

Good luck, and we hope to see you all at the show!




All CADathon participants!

Although the official submission deadline has passed, you may still submit your CAD! See the submission instructions in this document. Late submissions may affect your score (except for technical or other issues) but we still encourage you to submit your CAD.

DM ElieB#3157 on Discord, or email strategy@citruscircuits.org if you have a valid reason for submitting late, or for any questions.

Congrats to everyone who submitted! We can’t wait to see what you’ve accomplished :slight_smile:

Hope you can join us tonight at 8:30pm eastern 5:30pm pacific for the CADathon judging at https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow ! Even if you didn’t submit come and cheer on and check out the awesome designs from other teams! We will have prizes from WCP for the winners and FUN will be providing a couple other prizes for those who watch live. Make sure you stick around after your team has been talked about as well to cheer on others!

Here’s one of the submissions for tonight!


Shows about to start! Come check it out!


Congrats to 348 ARMS ARMS ARMS! for winning the 1678 Storm Surge CADathon! Teams are welcome to post any final designs and renderings!


Citrus Circuits, thank you so much for organizing this CADathon. It was a great experience.
The LigerBots 2877’s Storm Surge robot is named Atelís (greek for “incomplete”).


Early in our design process we decided to forget about shooting into the high goal. We would get 42 points for scoring four times on the cache and once in the low goal, while the same routine with a high goal would get us 48 points. We decided that being able to efficiently score on the cache and low goal would make up for the small loss in points for skipping the high goal.

In order to reduce cycle times, we made the following design choices:

  • Lightweight, low center of mass robot that can go under the uplink
  • Double jointed arm that reaches the low goal, cache, and feeder intake on either side
  • Spring powered roller claw that can pick up donuts that aren’t centered on the robot
  • Electromagnet on the intake to pull down the chain
  • Chain in tube West Coast Drive for weight and feasibility

Intake design highlight

Unfinished Climber Design

We wanted to have a climber on this robot, but we ran out of time.
Although a suction climber was tempting, we knew from 2019 that it would be challenging to pull off and would impact our feasibility score. We opted for a similar arm curl concept, except using a ratcheting latch for leverage. There would have been two latches on either side of the arm. This screenshot has a poorly placed pivot point but it’s possible to design it such that the robot can drive underneath the uplink while the climber is stowed.

How the robot would climb

How the latch would close


  • Onshape workflow with master sketches in a main document and importing versions of mechanisms from other documents works quite well (the whole robot renders in < 0.5s)
  • We should have started drivetrain CAD right away
  • The intake and arm probably should have been simplified to score on the same side which would allow us to couple the climber
  • We should have prioritized CADing the climber quickly
  • Next time we will try to engage more rookies in the design process
  • CAD electronics sooner

The archive is now on YouTube. Check out all the awesome submissions at https://youtu.be/YqhlSpRI2DQ