1678 Strategy Map 2020

Hello Everyone!

I have created a simplified strategy map that my team plans to use. In this folder, there is an 8.5x11 version, the 11x17 version that my team plans to use, and a plain map for you to customize the additional information you need to write.

Feel free to ask any questions and I hope you have a great season!


Thank you for this! My team will definitely use this. Have a great season!

Great job!
I have a question, what does “P” and “R” stands for?

Well the “B” (I don’t see a “P”) and “R” l believe stand for “blue” and “red” respectively, as in alliance colors.


Honestly I think that might be a typo. I didn’t even notice it the first time around.

Okay, thanks!

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I’m guessing it is so they can record Ranking points and Points

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Maybe, but where do match points for each alliance go?

R for ranking points. P for match points

Oh I see!

We actually have the P:_____ and R:_____ as a place to assign who will complete the position and rotation control in a match. This way, we know who is doing what in a match.

Personally, we don’t write points and ranking points on our strategy maps, but we do talk to our alliances about what our overall goals are.


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