1678 Three Cube Auto - Opposite Side

I’m very proud of the advancements our programming team has made this year. The students have worked incredibly hard, and it appears to be paying off.

For your enjoyment: https://youtu.be/AteqR2fa9Ro

Best of luck to all teams in the final stretch of Build Season!


PS. 1806, if you’re reading this… https://youtu.be/liKnJ-ejztw :wink:


In all seriousness though, looks amazing. Can’t wait watch the video feed of this at Utah

Amazing! Congrats on the work your programming team has done.

Ah, just what I needed at 2am, a reason to lose more sleep over optimizing our autonomous.

But seriously, great job, we’ll have to find a way to keep tabs on Arizona North while competing at Heartland.

Very Nice, We are probably going to have to gear the robot faster now…

Great job!

If they can score three cubes in 16 seconds in Auto, it will be awesome to see what they do with the other 134 seconds.

If your auto’s that fast, what’s the point of swapping to teleop?

1678 is attending Utah, a week earlier. You should be good. :slight_smile:

To 1678, I must join the chorus: fantastic job on the autos. You never fail to impress. See you at Minute Maid!

Right, I got their event schedule confused with 987’s.

This is very inspiring! Congratulations and best wishes this season.

Wow. Can’t wait to see this in action at Utah.

Congrats again 1678, we hope to see you at Worlds!

Well I guess I gotta get working on a new auto…

Great work 1678!