1678 Three Cube Auto

1678 is proud to present one of our three cube auto modes for the 2018 season!


See you all at Utah, Sac, and CVR!

Robot looks really cool Mike. Can’t wait to see you all at Sacramento next month.


Incredible. You guys are awesome.

Crazy impressive. Can’t wait to see the full thing in action.

Love it! Can’t wait to run our auto’s side by side :stuck_out_tongue:

New year, new ambitious auto routine. Glad to be able to count on the great things in life.

Awesome, this is going to be a fun game at the high level.

I would bet all of my 5 dollars that this is a 4 cube auto by CVR

Wow. This is fantastic work. I really didn’t expect to see a three cube auto until next weekend. (I expected you guys to be first.)
Congratulations and keep it up!

Every time we try to envision a reasonable limit on what can be accomplished during auto, 1678 has us beat with their masked teasers. Well done and can’t wait to see the full reveal!

This is the video I always wait for each year. Good stuff Mike and hope to see you in Houston!


Just when I was feeling good about out season so far…


Now that we’ve gotten over the awesomeness of this, let’s examine it:

What is their cube lifting device? It looks like linear motion, but it appears that it can go over the top, as seen on the first and third cubes, so we can remove a normal linear slide setup from the discussion. I’m thinking a linear slide with a wrist attached to it, such that it can go over the top, allowing quicker scoring. My other idea is a double reverse four bar linkage, with some sort of arm at the top allowing going over the top. I’m personally leaning towards the linear slide with wrist option though.

That can’t have been the first time. Everyone was saying the same thing, and we all remember their video from last year.

Can your robot start in the same position and manage all four scale/switch combinations?
Can it only get 2 for some combinations?
If the answer to the first questions is yes: awesome.

This is amazing. See you on Einstein.

Ahhh, it’s time for the yearly 1678 [INSERT CRAZY NUMBER HERE] Auto video. I’m looking forward to the twin booster landing video…

We have?

I don’t hear a wheeled intake

Neat! This three cube auto reminds me a lot of my favorite three tube auto from 2011.


We have?[/quote]

We have as much as is possible for the time being. Anyways, there’s never a time not to analyze everything we can!


I don’t hear a wheeled intake[/quote]

Cube lifting device, not intake. But definitely a wheeled intake, it’s gonna be at least 11/12 robots having wheeled intakes in the Einstein finals this year.

Color me impressed. And then scared, very very scared. See you in Utah!