1678 World Championship Recap Video 2014

We’ve just released our recap video for the 2014 Season and World Championship Event. You can watch it on our YouTube account here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm79yok3lOw

Making it to the finals on Einstein was amazing and we are incredibly thankful to all the other teams who have helped and inspired us to reach this point.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming California Offseason, we currently have plans to attend Chezy Champs, Capital City Classic (formerly Powerhouse Pwnage), and Madtown Throwdown!

That is, what was formerly known as Powerhouse Pwnage, and is now the Capital City Classic.

Very well produced video, hats off to whoever filmed and edited it.

Congratulations on an amazing season!

Excellent video, excellent team, excellent season. Well done, guys!

Thanks! I’ve been making these videos for a few years now and I’ve really gotten good at it. Too bad this is my last year on the team :frowning:

Oops, I didn’t realize. Fixed now!

It was amazing being able to practice with you guys at St. Francis, and even more fun getting to play against you in the finals of Sacramento. Too bad we didn’t have any matches together on Newton, but we were rooting for you guys the whole time. And thank you for the most exciting match I’ve ever seen (Einstein Match three) We looking forward to more fun with you guys next year!

Truly a world-class team! I remember coming into FRC as a freshman back in the 2011 season and witnessing you guys beat our alliance in the Sacramento Regional finals for your first regional win. We’ve been looking up to you guys ever since. Keep up the good work 1678! And we’ll see you at CCC!

As per last year, I’m more than impressed by the quality of the (almost all) shots and how well you edited your videos. I hope that you keep up the hobby in college and find time to put out more videos.

I have to say though, the music didn’t feel as hyped as last year’s music, but I know that choosing music can be difficult. Music was always the limiting factor to my highlight reels since it can either make or break a video.

Great recap video! It was a pleasure working with you at Championships.

After seeing your 2013 video, I was looking forward to this year’s!

I have a couple questions though, did you use a steadicam or rolling tripod to get the smooth panning shots? And what software did you use to make the floating titles (“World Championships”) in the 2013 video?

This is really great.

He was using an older Glidecam Pro 2000. The HD series is basically the same, but with some updated parts, such as the well-received update to the counter weights which were a pain to use in the past.

The floating titles are pretty easy with the use of 3D tracking in video software such as After Effects. Using a set of points that don’t move out of frame during the shot will keep the text in the same place the entire time.