1688 Needs Programming Help!

Hello, to all, we are a team located in Staten Island and with the loss of seniors from last and other issues, we have no programmers, is there anyone we can go to or come to us.
I am going to try the easy c and see how that works.

Why don’t you get started and then ask some specific questions. Get EasyC installed and learn how to upload a basic program to your Robot Controller. A simple drive function for the Radio Control period could look like this:


It means that Joystick 1, Axis 2 controls Motor 1 (the left side)
and Joystick 2, Axis 2 controls Motor 2 (the right side).

See the WPILib users manual for more on these functions. Also the tutorials within EasyC are informative.


You should get EasyC installed. Then go through the tutorials. I know last year they had one for every thing from basic drive to the camera.

If you have other more specific questions I’m sure people here can/will help.

Considering that i live in Connecticut i could probably come down and help you… after i am done with the 109217402 programming projects that i have to do for my own team…

But if you really want to learn there is a programmer’s resource page on the FIRST website that you can use…