1690 needs your help!

Hi everyone! team 1690 here! Our robot was shipped to IRI straight from Detroit and we’ve discovered a broken Omni wheel on our drivetrain. Because we came from Israel we don’t have any spare parts, so if there’s any team coming to IRI who happens to have a Vexpro 6" Omni wheel (217-2585) with them, we would be grateful if we could borrow one
Thanks in advance,


We are bring two for you.


It seems like these are the Andymark Omni Wheels, do you know if they work with the vexpro VersaHub? If not, do you happen to have the Vexpro omnis?

They are andymark ones

It’s what we got and we are bringing it if it works for you

Thanks! We can try those, in the meantime, if anyone has the vexpro model, it would probably work better for us

Talk to 2337 or 1684 when you get there.

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1747 used a lot of these this past season I think… so they may have some too.

I’ll make sure they get this post passed on to them.

A couple of the Canadian powerhouse teams attending IRI used 6" Omni’s on their robots at some point during the season. I’d go pay them a visit if you have no luck with the others mentioned in this thread.

A certain Texas team may also have several spare 6” Omni wheels, or they might have slightly fewer.


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