1690 Presents: 2022 PREGIONAL Week 0 Event

The Pregional (“Pre-Regional”) is an event our team holds every year since 2009. Each season, between the build season and the Israeli Districts events, we hold the Pregional- a whole night full of practice matches which simulates a competition for all of the Israeli teams. Teams from all over the country come to the event, for a robotics all-nighter.

We see great importance in holding this event, as a way to help ourselves and other teams prepare for the district evnts . We’re happy to have the opportunity to help promote team to higher levels of readiness.

COVID restrictions will be according to the public restrictions as well to the Israeli government’s decisions. As COVID restriction is heavily lifted in Israel, All students (vaccinated or not) can attend the competition.

Teams competing:
1690, 6740, 2096, 3075, 7067, 7845, 1942, 5951, 7112, 8843, 1574, 3211, 8223,
5635, 1577, 1943, 1937, 2630, 1657, 4744, 4416, 5715, 4590, 7039, 2212

The event will be streamed on FUN twitch channel, link will be posted on the day of the event. Matches will be played around 2022-02-24T19:00:00Z2022-02-25T03:00:00Z

Just so everyone knows, this isn’t an “actual” competition per-se, meaning there wont be a match schedule or scores tracking, it’s all for fun!


Quick fix:
Matches will be played around 2022-02-24T19:00:00Z2022-02-25T03:00:00Z (Israel time)

Join live at FUN live stream :slight_smile: https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow


We’re live from Israel! Check out 1690 and 24 other teams at https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

Note: Matches are starting around 3pm eastern it looks like.


1690’s first match featuring their shoot while maneuvering and traversal climb: https://youtu.be/J-OWwYO7zqE


Absolutely amazing, hats off to 1690 for a great robot. It will be fun to watch this robot dominate


1690 just scored like 30+ cargo in a single match. Insane.


18/20 shooting in teleop, 1/3 in auto, and a traversal climb skipping the high bar.

It’s only week 0 folks.


Which team has the multi colored bumpers with swerve and a turret?

Hadream #3075

Is this what it was like to watch 1114 for the first time in 2008?

1690 (and anyone yet to reveal a robot at a similar level of excellence) will be playing a different game. Unreal.


Wow. They really built one this year. Incredible.

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1690 has built my favourite two robots from the last two games. This robot is just an incredible technical achievement, your team should be very proud. The shooting on the move with a swerve is just incredible, and the climb is just as ingenious.

This robot should dominate, these last two robots are of world champion alliance leading quality.


Any chance that you will put up other matches on Youtube.com?


Up to the event as I am not sure if they want to do that on their end or now, I put that up there more as a highlight.

I’ll download so there’s an archive and upload back up to Twitch or YT if the event does not do it.

Great event 1690!

VoD is at https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow/videos but some sections due to the stream going offline a couple times. After the first or second match it seems like everything was good the rest of the evening


This got me thinking. You’re absolutely right, but maybe for more reasons than you realize. When we designed that 1114 robot, we had one overarching strategic priority “never slow down”. We wanted to be constantly whipping around that field, and reduce stopping to a minimum. While most teams were stopping at the bar and placing their 40" ball over the top, we were shooting it over from distance and being on the other side ready to intake after a bounce. Once we reached our side of the field (and sometimes from the other side of the field) we would shoot close to immediately. It never felt like we were cycling, because we never really stopped.

When I watched that 1690 match, the thing that struck me was that it never felt like they were cycling, because the never really stopped. As soon as they intake Cargo, those Cargo were being shot into the goal, even from way outside the tarmac. The combination of shooting on the run and massive accurate range are what makes this robot such a game changer. The fact that they’re as accurate as they are while shooting from distance on the run is actually breaking my brain and forcing me to rethink what FRC robots are capable of.

It’s still only week 0. What if there are more robots like 1690? What could that possibly look like? I couldn’t be more excited for this game to be played.


I see what you did there.


There is a sort of momentum and grace that truly elite robots move with. 254 in 2018 is another example of this. It’s a beautiful thing to see a driver and machine work so seamlessly, like a perfect racing line in Formula 1.


This is sort of the exact mindset we had going into this years challenge - the robot was designed in theory to allow the driver to never stop picking up balls and for shooting to sort of happen on its own. I can’t say we’re surprised given the time, research and energy put in place to make it work, but it’s still impressive to us as well that it works as good as it does.

We are super curious to see what teams can come up with and are really excited for competitions to start and to see what this game would look like at the highest levels!


So many reveal videos have the feeling of “oh, they’re doing their thing under pristine conditions, without defense, probably took 15 takes to get that one shot.”

The performance shown here is even stronger than the reveal suggested.



5 ball auto + traversal climb = 22pts + 15pts = 37pts. Left undefended and with refined driving, I think a late-season Orbit will have the potential of putting up 90pts solo in a match, maybe even 100. Of course, this game will have every robot on the field playing some form of defense throughout the match so hard to tell if this will be done. The thought of them performing as well as they did in the linked video while under constant defense in a real match is mind boggling in itself IMO.