1708 is Hosting Teamspeak Server.

Hey Guy’s I am proud to say that Team 1708 is now hosting a Teamspeak server. If you have no clue what Teamspeak is, It’s a program that allows you to log into a server and basically chat with one another. The link for the download of Team speak is http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads And you will want to get the “Teamspeak Client 2” It’s a small program should not take long to download and install. Once installed, just go to “Quick Connect” and Enter this as your server address and your name could be what ever you like. :smiley: I am still working out the kinks to our system, so if you have any bugs, or problems logging in let me know, and I will be sure to check them out ASAP.

                           -Thanks,  Eddie Team 1708

That IP address is for your internal network. Do you know what your external IP is so others can connect to it?

When I was reading on how to make the Server, It said to give out that address. I will check up on it, did you attempt to join server?

That address only works for your LAN. If you want us to be able to connect to your server, you’ll need to forward the Teamspeak ports to that server and give us your WAN IP address.

yea i didnt try it yet but i am positive that IP will not work, to host teamspeak you need to get the hosting client and then foward it through your router and then send out your COMPUTER IP not the one your getting from your router.
Your Computer IP can be found here:

Also Check this out as well

this is a great site to learn how to set up your server.

Nub From team 503
– Amehrotra

Yeah i cant Join, doesnt it need like a 4 digit number at the end after a “:”

That would be a port^^

Would it be ok if I just setup a TeamSpeak server? I have prior experience.

yeah a port. couldnt think of it right at the time i was typeing it im fine with you making the TS server

Ok it is almost up. Give me 20 minutes.

mkay i probably wont be getting on your server tonight… i have to go to bed soon…

should be up in a few minutes at CDSpeak.com:8767

im getting a message that says it is not working. It says the server does not exist. or team speak is not running on it. Can you give us your ip address?

I do not think that CDSpeak.com is going to your router because it is hosting a page on it. If you can give us your ip that is the way to go i think.

I got on just fine right after he set up the DNS. CDSpeak.com:8767

works for me now

… da server went offline…

Sorry for the mishap. I forgot to forward the ports. I have my computer shutdown I am at school the Server will be up at about 2:30 and I will have it running constant from there on.

You are welcome to join cdspeak.com you know:)