1710 Raising the Roof for Champs

With all of the infographics we post around the side of the pit, we needed something to do with some of our blue banners. Isn’t that a great problem to have! This is what we have came up with so far.

That’s a really cool solution! Just a word of caution, you may want to look into adding some additional lighting to illuminate the inside of your pit because those banners will most likely block out a lot of light leading to a dark pit, which makes for an unsafe work environment.

And may cause a Safety volunteer to ask you to add light (of sufficient amount in their opinion) or else remove the upper banners…

Definitely! We’re currently looking at lighting solutions (LED strips, incandescent, FIRST Fundraiser Bulbs). Thanks for the input!

Is it me or are the banners on the floor?

Image is inverted, Try opening it in a new tab.

Still broken, but then I am running on a 6502 based system :rolleyes:

Only other thing I can think of is to turn your monitor around. :smiley:

Could just be my eyes but it looks like the middle of your canopy is sagging at the point were the two x bar rectangles meet. I would be worried it may fall you may want to reinforce that point better to avoid the sag.

It very well may be sagging, I would have to agree that we’ll need more structure. 1710 is very safety conscious, however, even the some of the best miss things. All input is greatly appreciated.

Also, due to the EXIF data that accompanies iPhone photos, some users will see the photo upside down. Most times of you click on the photo to open in up separately, it will flip to normal.

Maybe instead of using what I’m guessing are t nut maybe instead drill actually holes into it and use a gusset instead

While it is certainly ok to be proud of your achievements, in my opinion displaying more than 3 banners in a pit is overkill and comes off as conceited, especially to teams that have few or zero banners.