1717 back???


1717 is illuminati confirmed

Too soon.

As the person featured in the above video, I can say with certainty that this was in no way intended to be a jab at the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy’s past or present efforts. The only goal was to make people laugh :stuck_out_tongue: .

(Also science fairs are great)

Big, if true.


The top tier of high school science fairs are equivalent to respected conferences across all of academia. Except for Dean’s List finalists, the students that compete at ISEF and ISWEEEP get into better schools and with better scholarships (based on nearly a decade of observation).

FIRST is a great organization, and FRC is a great learning experience, but it isn’t the only productive activity that high school students interested in STEM can do.

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Don’t play with my emotions like this :frowning:

It will always be too soon…

They’d have graciously decline :smiley: