1717's Jumpsuits

My team really wanted to get some blue jumpsuits like 1717’s this year and we couldn’t find anyplace to get them. If anyone from 1717 or any team that can suggest where to go we’d really appreciate it!

Look at the coveralls here.

Look for any Army/Navy surplus stores in your area, that’s typically where I’ve purchased similar items in the past.

You also might do some searches under flight suits.
I did not see the 1717 gear up close but it might be a flight suit and not a jumpsuit

check these out;


In past years (2006-2008), we bought Dickies Coveralls:


This year, however, I believe the team purchased a different product, which had better sizing (someone from this year’s team will have to speak to that).

Hi everyone

Team 1717 has already made contact with the mentor from 1742 by e-mail, and we are trying to find a product that will meet their needs.

By the way, Atlanta was a blast. I had a great time, and so did the rest of my team.