1719 flywheel shooter prototype

Using 2 mini CIMs and 2 6in wheels, we were able to shoot at a height and distance equivalent to shooting into the high goal from in front of the outer works. We found that our two wheel shooter prototype worked better than our one wheel shooter and our catapult prototypes.

link broken


Try that.

Oops, that’s embarrassing. Changed the link to one that should work, and Ekcrbe’s link should also work.

What size is the shooter wheel? What’s the gearing?

Yes, more info please.

Are you doing closed-loop control of wheel speed? If so, what sensor are you using? What is your speed setpoint? PID, TBH, or Bang-bang? What is your speed control loop period?

From what they said and what I’m getting out of this they are using 6" wheels running on 2 mini CIMs and should be geared about 2:1
All just guesses but that’s about it, also how far were you compressing the ball upon launching it