1730 Stress Test (oops)

We FINALLY tracked down some 1730 crates the other day, and we were stress-testing them to see what kindof a beating they could take. I got the dumb idea to pick up a chair and throw it at the crate. This caused the crate’s lid to shatter into several pieces, which I gathered and reconstructed with duct tape. So much for stress testing.

we havent had any break yet. they have made pretty good benches without any trouble.

yeah they are pretty strong. we found that out by some experimenting… including but not limited to ramming them with Fluffy and human guinea pigs er, human vounteer’s. Not rookies either! :smiley: heh. We also threw them around and built stacks of box “forts”

Yes, the boxes held up well for us.

It even held up when we used it to cage a certain rookie by the name of Noelle.

As long as Noelle isn’t a baby, I assume it’s legal

A- im not a baby so yeah its legal
B- im not a cerain vetren… im a certain rookie… right…

enough said!

And we only needed to stack them four high! That’s Noelle’s height for you!


We only have to stack them 3 high for the Noelle on our team

We have quite a few boxes with holes in them and broken lids. We HAVE been throwing them around quite a bit tho, on a hard concrete floor no less. However, I am still a little worried about damaged boxes during competition.

Maybe we just have a lot of big people on our team, but a good number of the broken lids has been from use as chairs (although I will point out that the boxes in my who am I photo survived unharmed).

and this is just simple stress testing…imagine two 130 pound robots smashing into a container from both sides going at like 6 ft/sec…that’s a lot of force if you ask me =)