1730's practice time before we head out

Looks like the modifications will help speed things up. Just running it through some additional practice matches yesterday before we get ready to load up and head to St. Louis.


Looking forward to seeing everyone there and are excited to get to compete with everyone on the Carson field.

Best robot in Missouri this year. Looks fantastic.

Good luck! That robot is very impressive. It also seems simpler than many of the other robots that can accomplish the same things.

Very precise driving as well.

Well done.

Looking good guys! Seems like you’ve upgraded from two stacks to three since Colorado (oh baby, a triple). Good luck over there on Carson!

Looks great guys! Looking forward to seeing you on Carson!

I completely agree, best robot in the state! Hope to get over to Carson and watch some of your Qual matches. Good luck!

Great robot Driven! Hope to see a couple of your matches at CMPs.
LASER 3284 will be cheering for you from Archimedes.

Good luck 3284. We will be cheering you on, also. Glad to see you will be among us at Championships. We enjoy your team.

Looks awesome! TechFire 225 is looking forward to Q102! See you in St. Louis

Very nice robot. Love the door on the front.