1741 and 45 get overly attached

Hey ya’ll watch this:


Team 45 became entangled in team 1741’s pneumatic tubing at the St. Louis Regional, but that didn’t stop either robot! 1741 still managed to make two laps and place the ball on the overpass.

How’s that for teamwork!?

Well played. :]

Nice, I love it when robots work together.

I remember in 2006 when we got down from the ramp, pushed another robot up it, and the got back on the ramp ourselves.

This is something for the scrapbooks.

yea, needless to say, at the start of that video, that helmet head was me!
And also, I love it when two robots work together so well, without needing to be asked! And if they hadn’t pulled out our air cord for our pneumatic shooter, we would have shot again at the end! If you had been at the competition, you could hear the sound of it trying to shoot at the end 2-3 times, but to no avail.
But hey, we still got pretty far considering we were dragging 45! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a good picture of 45 & 1741 attached. It is posted to the image gallery so hopefully it will appear soon. (For some reason I cannot post an attachment to this reply)

We had a good laugh in our pit after this match.

so- what were the drive teams saying to each other to make it work?

stop, go, stop, go, wait, oops…
very cool, really.

I thought they were pushing you…:stuck_out_tongue:

After checking out the robots before they left the playing field, I made a quick trip to the inspection station, to let the Lead Inspector know what to look for. As I was talking to him, the pit announcer’s voice came on the P.A. saying, “Team 1741 needs one square foot of 1/16th inch polycarbonate sheet!”

No reinspection required. :smiley:

It was a combo of both really. Thank God that FIRST makes us use such high spec. tubing. If the tubing hadn’t been as strong as it had been 1741 would have been hosed(pardon the pun).