1747 Harrison Boiler Robotics: Sea Cobra

Here is the robot built by 1747, Harrison Boiler Robotics. It is a unique design and one we haven’t seen anywhere else.

It has a powerful drive train and can cross the field in 3.25 seconds.
6, 6" blue nitrile traction wheels that are 2" wide.
6 CIM VEX Pro Ball shifter 2.65x spread with 60:24 final reduction.
The 6" diameter shooter roller is powered by 2 RS550’s in simile gearboxes to a 18:36 belt reduction.
The 3.5" pickup roller is powered by a miniCIM to a 15:62 belt reduction.

We will be competing at the Central Illinois Regional and the Boilermaker Regional and we look forward to meeting you on the field.

Awesome guys! haven’t seen anything like it. The shooting that is.

Very nice! I love the whole integrated wheeled shooter going on. You guys must have had a lot of fun coming up with that design.

There were literally two full days a geometric considerations that went into making that system work. We’ve been pleasantly surprised thus far. Looking forward to stretching its legs at competition. Thank you.

Great design, guys! Lovin’ the cobra. :slight_smile: Looking forward to competing with you at CIR this week. While the wishes of safe travel are always appreciated, they apply for you guys much more-so than us. Pekin is actually only a short 5 mile drive down the road from Tremont. Let us know if you have any questions about the surrounding Peoria area and I’ll be glad to help you guys out. Best of luck!

This is really really cool. Its a very unique, beautiful design. Great job and good luck!

This design is ingenuous, my jaw dropped when I first saw that system shoot.

One of the most unique robots this season. Boiler Up! See you guys in Illionis next weekend!

Thanks Ryan. It’ll be like a little PFP reunion with you, KP and I there. Very much looking forward to the event aside from the potential for a very chilly venue. That should be good for the drivers and the robots though.

Thanks! I was watching the FRC TOP 25 last night and saw your robot. Interesting collector. Looks like you have a very robust bot.

Our team was actually looking for good places to eat around town. Do you have any suggestions?

You can check out this thread with some great info for CIR.

One of our fellow local Cat teams, 1736, has made a great guide for the surrounding Peoria area for visiting teams. Also, the regional chair is a mentor from our team, so if you need any other details that aren’t found in that thread or in the guide, let me know and we will get you answers as best we can.

This robot has taken first place as my favorite novel design. We were watching last night and we’re just sort of confused till the first shot. I wish you all the best this season and I’ll be following along all season.

This is high praise coming from Spectrum! It is much appreciated, thank you.

Good job 1747, looks like a great robot. I’ll be rooting for you guys at Central Illinois and BMR from here. Best of luck to you this year!

Here is the response we captured in the chat during FRC Top 25 Premiere Night:

Joe195 : that is such a cool design
Ben449 : that is a unique looking machine
LookingForward : please tell me this robot does what i think it does
George180 : this is gonna be cool
z_beeblebrox : Elegant design
Michael1138 : dat winn
Tyce48 : Lyd, I’m really only here for that. nobody else peaks my intrest.
thecouman706 : panda
LookingForward : YES
Mattb706 : i threw it on the ground
thecouman706 : panda
Anupam1648 : wow
Amo10 4468 : wow
MikeD : WHAT!
jay1986 : what?!?!?!
XaulZan11 : wow, that is awesome
1983_Quinn : that is interesting
Ben449 : oh man
1986jaxom : wow
Anupam1648 : that’s unique
JeremyH_1538 : OH MAN.
PayneTrain : that is tight
1983_Quinn : I LIKE THAT
George180 : hah! love it
Denis4334 : That’s new
CD_problems : noice!
cocolocomoco21 : That design is awesome
Big Red Dog 1986 : whoah
NerdGirl280 : That design!!!
McLovin : caution had a flying robot two years ago… when I punched it too hard on drive
Cat : why so much duct tape on ball?
GrimTuesday : this is legit
LydsYeckley : Aww thanks tyce.
flappy bird : pretty unique rear–tower thingy
not an akash fan : hi robo memes
myeh4099 : that shooter is amazing
Ben449 : this is going to be so fun to watch
Cameron1986 : very unique design cool!
RedLiter : Your Robot… I LIKE DAT ***
tyty from 1492 : Wow that must have taken some hard work.
DefenestrationStation : love that shooter!
tutugrrl340 : Using that momentum though
Mattb706 : sweet shooting
Jack2994 : Whoa…
jay1986 : mind blown
meredith16 : Very interesting
Anupam1648 : this is really cool
crazy : how much do they weigh?
Will@Roboteers2481 : that is a pretty awesome design
MikeD : That is amazing
JeremyH_1538 : That’s so sweet!
TexasDiaz : That’s unique.
OrionDeYoe2252 : how does that shooter work!?
OLAPMonkey : hard to block that
1986jaxom : THAT’S unique
PayneTrain : uhuhuhuhyeeaaah
Jack2994 : They shoot with their arm.
cory2067 : POWERR!
XaulZan11 : I would have never thought to do that. Awesome
lancergoon321 : THAT THE BEST
jtfn16 : Tactical snail v2?
Cat : wow
Electronica1 : that is one of the coolest designs I have seen so far
GrimTuesday : 100% most unique bot I’ve seen yet
Mattb706 : that sounded like cow man
1986jaxom : nice robot 1747
rypsnort706 : tapped ball
2557CZ : amazing
MikeD : Love the Top Gear reference
Aaron@CybergnomesTeam2013 : Jeremy clarkson FTW
1983_Quinn : Agree. Very Unique
Kevin20 : that was cool
thecouman706 : nice
Sanzar5469 : Pretty unique, but it takes quite a while to shoot.
Cat : power
1983_Quinn : much wow
LookingForward : my students who wanted to do that and we didnt are gonig to be so mad now
LibbyK : That is a way more tactical snail than ours. Props.
Nathan Rossi 1492 : nice
MikeD : That will truly be a 1 of a kind robot this year
crazy : WHAT IS THERE WEIGHT? :open_mouth:
Noah2175 : #BallShiftSoHard
2pac : why did you ban 2chainz?
1983NavidShafa : Creativity Award
Electronica1 : 6 inch wide wheels ftw
Team 20 rose : Unique!
flappy bird : #angletrisector
JB068 : 25 might have 6 inch wheels
Kevin20 : hi mrs barra. its a pretty exciting party here
tyty from 1492 : awesome robot guys

We had an awesome time being a part of the event and thank you to everyone who offered kind words about our robot!

This was my personal favorite robot of Premier Night. Brilliantly simple and effective design. Awesome work!

In regard to the posting of the chat from Top25 Premier Night there were a few questions about the robot.

Weight was one I saw I couple of times. The robot is currently 116 lbs, but we will be adding a few things that will probably take it right up to 120. Our bumpers should also end up right at 20 as well. With the robot as fast as it is, we need to keep the center of mass nice and low, which the bumpers help with immensely.

The robot will be getting more air storage and a pair of static polycarb arms to help with catching and keep the ball retained when the pickup introduces it to the interior of the robot in a vigorous way.

In regard to the duct tape on the ball. That was our kit ball that was used for prototyping. A few of the prototypes damaged the ball significantly. The rollers have left some fine debris on the other balls we practiced with, but never any permanent marks. The silicone on the shooter roller has been a great choice and we may have to move to that for the pick up as well.

Shooting speed is something else that I saw brought up. The team will be making an adjustment on Thursday at CIR that will hopefully speed that process up. We accelerated significantly by playing with the combination of air pressure, flow restrictors, and solenoid actuation timing. Bottom line: it should be significantly faster at CIR.

A word about the wheels. They are VexPro 6" diameter by 2" wide traction wheels with blue nitrile inclined conveyor belting attached with the appropriate alligator lacing and several fasteners along the circumference of the wheels. We have found that contact patch definitely matters experimentally speaking. The wider and larger diameter wheels provide a significantly larger observed contact patch and therefore much more traction. (not intended to start a debate, this was experimental observation)

I cannot express how much the team appreciates the kind words and compliments. We are very excited and wish everyone the best of luck at competition.

Not to nit-pick too much… but the whole field in 3.25s? Are we talking width or length? I would love to see a video of that.

I’m with everyone else: very cool shooter.

I also heartily approve of your wheel and tread selection, especially the reasoning behind your decision re: contact patch.

The reveal video posted on YouTube shows the robot going from one end of a room to the other (from 33 to 36 second marks). The room is just a bit larger than the field will be.

We have not tested an actual ‘wall to wall’ time, but the top speed of the robot is just over 17 fps.

But you’re talking width-wise, not length-wise. Which makes the claim of 3.25s *much *more believable.