1768 Reveal: The Redeemer

I’m proud to present 1768 Nashoba Robotics 2015 Robot, The Redeemer!

Hyperlink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoU5dU6L8Hs

Really cool can mechanism!

Great machine! With the effective human player stacking, the container claw and the autonomous container mechanism you guys should be a serious contender this season! I love the versatility we’ve been seeing from many of this year’s robots.

Very nice!
Sweet team name btw.

Wow, that’s fantastic, looks fast. It seems to me like you didn’t even need to speed up the video lol, the tote stacking looks like it works very fluid. Was the totes hitting the belt intentional?

Thank you and yes. During the design process we discussed adding some sort of stop but we decided that it should be fine as it is in the video. We had no issues with the belts during testing but we have spares should the need arise.

Hey 1768, greetings from team 4905! We look forward to seeing you in Reading. From our experience at Granite State, your robot will easily be in the top 8, it is very versatile and efficient. Hopefully we can be on the same alliance for the playoffs, we were the third seed captain at Granite State, and I’m sure you will be well up there as well. See you there :slight_smile:

As Greg mentioned it has never been an issue. Additionally the totes are never dragging on the belt as they both move together.

I actually took the trip to Nashua to take a look at some gameplay rather than being stuck with a webcast and your robot certainly caught my attention! It looks very clean and performs well! Definitely happy to get the opportunity to watch it on the field again this weekend! Come on over and say hi at Reading!


This robot looks beautiful 1768! Looking forward to this weekend and seeing it up close.

Thanks Brendan! Your robot looks stellar! I really liked how well you guys implemented the rollers for swift collection of totes! I will certainly be stopping by your pit to see that machine up close!


I love the excitement from the students during that last shot. You can tell they worked very hard. :slight_smile:

I am really glad you brought this up. The levels of maturity, determination and shear grit that I have seen in the students on this team this year can only be described as inspirational. They truly run the show. Every part (aside from a few which were water jetted in order to be feasible) was designed in CAD and manually machined by students. Every lightening hole seen on this machine (there are thousands of them) were machined on a manual mill from the 60’s. When parts needed to be remade (the team made the decision to extend the height of the rear elevator by 4" to eliminate any rubbing of recycling containers on totes) the response was “if it’s what we need I am ready to remake them,” no complaints, no groans. When it snowed and the school was closed, the students arranged to move the things we needed to operate to another location and traveled in order to get a few more work hours in. (Thank you to team 190 and WPI for sharing your space with us). These students have brought me to tears several times because I am unable to express how proud I am of them.

This is what I love about FIRST. The number of times that FRC teams have showed me students who are wise beyond their years and can solve any problem with “I will work longer” or “I will work harder” is too high to count and it is what makes this organization addicting.

The moment in the video that encited such excitement was the first time that we surpassed our expected scoring abilities during an accurately timed practice session, the stack was placed just before time expired. It really was the moment that the hard work payed off in a very tangible way. The moment still gives me chills.


That’s great to hear. The machine looks awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing it up close at Northeastern.