1768's 2018 robot

1768’s 2018 Robot: Vertigo

wow. That is one heck of a robot.

That elevator looks absolutely incredible. Can’t wait to see your robot in action next week! :smiley:

Jaw dropped. 1768, you guys always make exceptional robots and this one blew me away. that elevator tho.

Your lift is pretty fast. Super impressed. Dope robot.

Love the big elevator, but also what are those small elevators on the intake for? Didn’t look like they were used in the reveal video.

They were used for Portal intaking at about 0:14.

That elevator is incredible, good job guys!

Hopefully see you at DCMP this season!

Looks pretty sweet. Unfortunately won’t see you until we reach dcmp

The small elevator lifts the intake so we can pick up the cube off the ground, score in the exchange, and feed a cube into our main elevator.

To be a little more specific, this was our way of decoupling our intake from the elevator. We made this decision early on in the elevator design to avoid damage to the elevator if the intake took a big hit. Completely internalizing the elevator also helps our robot stay extremely balanced.

As shown, it has 10.5" of travel (soon to be 16"), and by doing the initial lifting with this elevator, we can grab the cube lower on our main elevator to gain a little more scoring height.

I think it’s disturbing that almost every other team didn’t think about that… We’d rather replace an intake arm than repair a whole lift between 2 matches. I expect to see a lot of damage done in the next few weeks…

Makes sense, we also separated our intake and elevator for similar reasons. We just didn’t put our intake on its own elevator because we aren’t that crazy*.

*meant as a compliment

It has its ups and downs (ha?), added weight, design time, and motors vs. no frame cutout and extra space for electronics.

How do you make a lift that fast? Also, very nice intake!


As far as the lift, it mainly comes down to gearing. Mechanically, there really aren’t any accommodations I would make just to allow the elevator to go fast. The only thing I can really think of is to “close the loop” on any cascade or continuous rigging. Don’t just pull the elevator up, make sure you can pull it down, too. I would suggest looking at 973’s RAMP video series for a more detailed look at the rest of an elevator system.

There are many great resources here on CD in terms of gearing subsystems with DC motors, all we essentially did was gear our elevator to travel 108" in < 0.75s with two 775pros. We knew early on that we weren’t going to climb with the same motors we used on the elevator, so we used a separate 775pro and climber subsystem for that.