177 at NE GSD

First of all, we would like to thank 138 and 3323 for being great alliance partners. We had a great time at in Nashua, and hope to have even more fun competing at Hartford District.

One of our student mentors took video of all of our matches, the playlist can be found here: 177 Granite State Playlist (I recommend watching eliminations.)

You can tell from the playlist that we stuggled on Friday. We owe a big thanks to 151 and their machine shop for giving us extra gears for our winch, after it broke twice on Friday. Because we missed Suffield Shakedown in Week 0, we had to work out all of the kinks on Friday, during qualification matches. By the end of Friday we were functioning at 100%, ending the day with a record of 4-5.

On Saturday, we continued the success that we saw at the end of Friday. Our only loss during qualifications on Saturday came from a strong alliance of 133, 2648, and 1922. We ended qualification matches with a record of 6-6, and ranked 18 out of 39 teams. During alliance selection, we were picked by the #1 seed, team 138, after team 131 declined their offer. We picked 3323 as our third alliance partner. We made it to the end of semi-finals without any major mechanical problems, with 138 and 3323 being perfect in autonomous. In finals, we met the #2 alliance of 131, 1519, and 1786. It was a tough matchup, with the finals making it to a third round. In the final round, 3323 got stuck in the opponents low goal, making it 2 on 3. We were up by about 100 points, so we switched to an all-defense strategy in order to prevent 131 from getting to their scoring position.

This is our first Regional or District win since 2006, and our first blue banner since 2011. We also won the Entrepreneurship Award, thanks to our re-vamped fundraising strategy and dedicated fundraising team. Again, a huge thanks to everyone that helped make this build season so successful and making GSD an amazing event.

Your high goal shot was very impressive.

Would you mind sharing your fundraising strategy? I also liked your team’s scouting form…if you wouldn’t mind sharing that was well. :slight_smile:

From 138- We loved working with you guys! Very impressive Robot. Could not have done it without you guys. Do you know any further events that you are competing in?

We are attending Hartford District Event at the end of March.

And our scouting stuff is top secret, but I can tell you that we looked at automode as a criteria.

Thanks, we could say the same thing about you. We are registered for Hartford as our second District.

Congrats on the win.

On a completely different note in match 1 of the Finals the ref was counting down a pin and then giving a foul to the blue alliance when you weren’t even being pinned. That’s basic reffing right there and simple mistakes like that shouldn’t happen.

I believe to end the “pin,” the pinner has to move 6 feet away and wait 3 seconds before contacting the pinnee again. They have 5 seconds to do so, otherwise is counts as a pin.

Congrats on the win guys! Well Deserved!

While I’m not certain the call was pinning, by definition we were pinned between 2 blue alliance robots that never broke contact per the above game manual quote.

I probably would not have called it there, and it did not effect the outcome of the match anyway, as a matter of fact the penalties did not swing any of the finals matches the just boosted the margin of victory.