1771 Highlights

Threw together this video after the Peachtree Regional Scrimmage on Sunday, hope everyone likes it.


The robot is using a vacuum to acquire the ball, and has 3 pneumatic rams inside the funnel to fire it. I had seen some people question the viability of launching a ball with pneumatics, but it’s been working great for us so far.

Hope everyone else has things come together well in these last few days, and can’t wait to see people at competition!

wow that works really nicely.

This is a great robot to watch in action. I love the look and the great sound it makes as it shoots the trackball. I look forward to seeing you guys again at Peachtree. Great job and good luck!

What kind of cylinders are you using on the punching mechanism, and are you doing anything special with them to get a stronger/faster punch? Thanks.

-Greg P.

We are using three 1 1/2" x 8" stroke cylinders with the rod end vented to atmosphere, and one 3/4" bore x 10" stroke cylinder with the rod end connected to the retract port of a valve. We are using 4 SMC NVZ valves actuated simultaneously to fire it.

We also have two reservoirs at 120 PSI, and two at 60 PSI to feed the cylinders. We are kicking with the vacuum on, so the cylinders have to build up to full pressure before the ball breaks loose.

That is such an awesome video scott. I can’t wait for the competition!!!