179 Children of the Swamp 2020 Teaser

Full reveal coming soon:


Now that is a unique robot


soon can’t be soon enough! Holy speed!

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pew pew pew pew pew
Now thats a fast shooter

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Finally its here! Awesome job!

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nice child appropriate lyrics…


Yup, it’s fast

Why was this post flagged?

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Probably the cursing. (Not complaining personally, but maybe a warning?)

There is a single “curse” word (that honestly I forgot was in that section of the song) the word is used on network tv and is allowed to be used in PG rated movies (though sparingly).

I was unaware that this word violated delphis community guidelines yet was fine in the above. I am not the creator or editor of the video and that person was approved by the team to upload it so I will not be asking for them to choose a new song.

If i could edit my post with a warning of strong language I would but i am apparently past my edit time


Tell your team (and your video editor) that your robot is making big waves across frc. Some people are shocked and offended. My kids can’t stop talking about how great it is, we’ve been watching it over and over. Congrats


Very offensive video and robot. Love how offensive it will be at events. Great work by all! If only my poor virgin ears could now recover. :sob:


Tbh watched the video a few times when it 1st hit and didn’t hear any bad language…

But on topic, amazing robot. Very sad I won’t get to see it in person.


Why can’t we just enjoy the content and not worry about the song. It is a commonly used word if you’ve ever been in any middle school or high school across the nation. That as previously mentioned is allowed in PG movies. No need to bash a team for one word instead. Talk about how amazing that robot is, or how fast it shoots. Can’t wait to watch you guys week 3.


This is all I can say: https://gfycat.com/leafyfarflungjohndory

Fantastic robot as always!


Love the vid love the robot Love the signature green :eyes:. Super curious to see your how y’all index balls and how your behind trench shot will work at comp! Good Luck at Orlando, rocket and probably worlds

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Well prior discussion aside, absolutely love the robot! Can’t wait to watch your team compete!

Very interesting design! I thought about this design early in the season but didn’t think anyone could pull it out! Glad I was proven wrong